5G and Industry 4.0 applications hold the promise of automation and the ability to do more with less, not to mention the trillions of dollars of economic growth they will unlock for US industries. Despite the opportunities, harnessing that potential has proved to be complicated, risky and cost-prohibitive.

Today we announced that ITRenew has teamed up with Vapor IO to offer a solution-as-a-service “easy button” that removes those barriers to adoption. We’re lowering the complexity, cost and time-to-value of edge infrastructure and connectivity by replacing on-premises equipment with integrated near-premises offerings.

5G and Industry 4.0 applications —the very things that will enable businesses to scale efficiently and monetize the transformative impact of the edge — require massive compute, storage and networking capabilities. Data centers capable of delivering at this scale can be incredibly costly to equip and complicated to operate. Cloud data centers purport to take the hassle out of deployment but can’t match on-prem data security or support the low-latency requirements of many mission-critical applications.

Our near-prem approach gives our customers the best of both worlds – the convenience and flexibility of cloud, combined with the performance and data security of on-prem. We’re pooling our strengths to deliver an unparalleled service that deploys faster, costs less and brings organizations of all sizes a faster return on investment than anything else out there. The solution combines Sesame by ITRenew’s advanced, sustainably-sourced compute and storage solutions with Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid™ colocation, networking and interconnection services.

The Sesame by ITRenew rack-scale solutions deliver not only best-in-class data center performance plus the ease, flexibility and efficiency sought by enterprises; they also lower infrastructure TCO by 50% or more. Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid platform, which offers intelligent infrastructure that integrates edge-to-edge interconnection, colocation and networking, puts hyperscale-grade services to within microseconds of an enterprise’s facilities. The combined offering means that enterprises within a 10-mile radius of Kinetic Grid facilities deploying Sesame rack-scale solutions, can realize all the benefits of an on-premises data center and hyperscale servers without having to own or operate either. In other words, by deploying data center infrastructure near retail, healthcare and industrial centers across the country, ITRenew and Vapor IO can power private wireless and on-premises computing without the need for enterprises to invest in their own infrastructure.

This offering comes at a moment when the growth of data and the need to build real-time capabilities is driving unprecedented demand for computing capacity at the edge. Through this unique partnership, ITRenew and Vapor IO are aiming to make cost-effective deployment of 5G and Industry 4.0 the driving force that enables companies to meet their growth, digital transformation, and decarbonization targets for the foreseeable future.

The service will be available first in Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Pittsburgh, before expanding nationwide. For more information on our partnership and how this solution will facilitate business at the edge, read the official announcement here. And for more information on our Sesame solutions, feel free to give us a call today or send us an e-mail sesame@itrenew.com.