Energy isn’t the only renewable resource

Our circular economic approach and sustainable IT infrastructure help companies achieve aggressive financial, growth, and decarbonization targets.

ITRenew is now part of Iron Mountain

As we reach this milestone, our CEO Aidin Aghamiri shares his thoughts and thanks all those who helped us get here.

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Expect more from your IT hardware—demand 100% circular

ITRenew has the comprehensive expertise, technology, and services required to orchestrate the entire lifecycle of hyperscale assets, from deployment to decommissioning to re-engineering and reuse.

The world’s most secure, efficient, revenue-generating decommissioning

The world’s largest cloud companies partner with us to unlock the untapped potential of their outbound hardware, enabling them to access new market opportunities, get to carbon zero faster, and maximize financial returns.

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A new way to tackle climate change: circularity & closed-loop supply chains

We create circularity models and second lives for the most advanced data center technology on the planet, to make sustainability a competitive advantage and deliver outsized financial returns for our customers.

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Hyperscale-grade rack-scale solutions: 4X faster TTV,
50% lower TCO

Let us show you how to design cost, CO2, and supply constraints out of the compute, storage, and networking hardware you need to sustainably scale your cloud, enterprise, industrial, edge, and AI/ML systems.

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Circularity starts here

Decarbonizing the infrastructure that’s powering exciting advancements in technology — things like cloud computing, AI, and IoT — on a global scale will take more than green energy and carbon offsets. We have to consciously and collectively shift away from manufacturing brand new equipment to more responsible, sustainable – and profitable – growth models. In this video, hosted by Reuters and inspired by the upcoming 100 year anniversary of the United Nations in 2045, see how ITRenew is changing the Data Center industry by leveraging circular economics to prove that financial success does not have to come at the cost of doing environmental good.

TCO-smashing infrastructure on demand. Designed for your workloads, optimized for performance and value, ready to plug and play.

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Demand the world’s most secure & efficient decommissioning


Generated for clients


Higher value recovery


Servers processed per year


Drives wiped per year


Data loss incidents


Faster! 4 - 6 days (not weeks)

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Customer Story

Atlancis Customer Story

A pioneering African technology solutions provider envisioned the potential of open computing. Sesame by ITRenew turned that vision into reality, which is helping to launch a new era of open computing on the continent.
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The Financial & Sustainability Case for Circularity

This research presents a new way to think about the economic and environmental value of data center equipment. Based on research, interviews and ITRenew’s market expertise, the paper focuses on a circular data center model that maximizes the economic life

White Paper

Hyperscale Decommissioning: Best Practices Report

The rising incidence of data breaches and increased data-theft risks compounds the need for rigorous security measures, including those implemented at the end of the hardware

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Blockheating Customer Story

Blockheating is out to redefine the role and idea of a data center. Sesame by ITRenew is making that possible, enabling the Netherlands-based startup co-location provider to do so competitively while minimizing environmental


The TCO of OCP

The world’s largest data center owners leverage open hardware to optimize TCO and refresh cycles, and minimize CO2e impact. Now ITRenew’s circular economic model makes the same financial and sustainability opportunity available to broader global markets.

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