Join us in revolutionizing how IT hardware is managed and deployed worldwide.

ITRenew maximizes the lifetime value of data center technology through innovative circular economic models and a comprehensive portfolio of decommissioning and data security services, edge and component products and rack-scale compute and storage solutions.

Maximize Lifetime Value

Our innovative economic models enable you, for the first time, to model the aggregate impact of your IT hardware management decisions and optimize for unprecedented financial returns.

Dramatically Lower TCO

Our services and solutions are built on decades of expertise. We reclaim, reinvent, reconfigure and reinvest to revolutionize data center economics and dramatically lower your TCO.

Transform Hyperscale Tech

Cascading open technology through subsequent, productive loops of life unlocks major advances in economic growth, access and sustainability at every stage across the ecosystem.

End Take-Use-Dispose

We’re replacing outdated paradigms with alternatives that unleash both the full financial value and maximum sustainability potential of the most advanced technology on the planet.

Earth Day 2021

We’re committed to zero carbon, zero waste, zero compromise data center sustainability.  Learn more.

Demand the world’s most secure and efficient decommissioning.


Drives fully wiped (competitors wipe just 50%)


Securely decommissioned


Audit compliance for clients


Faster! 4-6 days, not 4-6 weeks


Up to 45% higher value recovery


Generated for clients

Designed with and for the world’s largest hyperscalers:









Customer Story

Africa’s Future is Open

Sesame by ITRenew is helping Atlancis launch a new era of open computing on the continent.

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Designed for easy deployment outside of traditional data center environments, Edge enables best-in-class total cost of ownership (TCO) and power-efficient computing at the edges of your network.


Get leading technology at disruptive TCO — And help your business thrive!



ITRenew for Hyperscalers

Exponential data growth, heavier workloads and demanding applications are accelerating hardware and infrastructure refresh cycles for hyperscalers. Let our experts show you how to recommission your technology to create unprecedented financial returns.

Learn About Our Industry Leading Decommissioning

ITRenew for CSP’s and Enterprise

Sesame for ITRenew is designed to bring the power of hyperscale technology to all. CSPs and Enterprises can dramatically reduce their TCO and increase efficiency with rack-scale solutions preconfigured for open system, AI/ML and converged application workloads.

Explore Our Innovative Rack Scale Solutions

ITRenew for Telcos

Edge by ITRenew offers best-in-class TCO and power-efficient computing at the edges of your network. From desk-side servers to building blocks, we can configure the perfect distributed computing solution for your edge domain needs.

Discover Unique Edge Solutions

ITRenew for OEMs

Advanced hyperscaler technology delivers extraordinary performance and value outside the data center. ITRenew’s CPUs, memory, server components and networking hardware are purpose-built for OEMS who demand the highest quality, performance and TCO efficiency.

Build the Future With Our Components