ITRenew delivers maximum financial and sustainability returns on IT hardware: from decommissioning to value recovery; edge devices to rack-scale solutions

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Spark change and start the evolution of your data center

We've developed a new circular data center model to open up opportunities that maximize hardware value and increase sustainability. From infrastructure design to the remanufacturing of full systems following decommissioning, we see the true potential of your data center hardware lifecycle. Potential that can create new markets and expand existing ones. Now is the time to evolve your data center.
And to change everything.

Hard Drive Decomissioning

Leading hardware decommissioning experts

No matter how complex the decommissioning challenge, we provide a turnkey solution. In addition, we are the #1 remarketer of data center hardware, with a dominant position in secondary markets.

  • $1BN+ in hardware resale
  • 1-2 days to wipe any data center
  • Complete jobs in 4-6 days
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Hard Drive Decomissioning

Eliminate all potential data security risks

We assure complete security for your hardware assets with multiple safeguards at each step of the process, from sanitization through final disposition. It all begins with Teraware, our cutting-edge, proprietary sanitization software platform.

  • Fully wipe 98% of all drives vs ~50% by competitors
    (100% securely decommissioned)
  • 100% audit compliance for clients
  • Over 60mm assets wiped in past 6 years
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Bring the power of hyperscale infrastructure into your data center today. High-performance hardware without the OEM premium.

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ITRenew - The data center evolutionists

Hard Drive Decomissioning

We recognize the true value of hyperscale hardware and the potential it has beyond the four walls of the data center. To unlock that potential, we have built industry-leading decommissioning and recertified data center services, as well as our groundbreaking Sesame product line. With this dynamic set of solutions, we breathe new life into hyperscale hardware and create transformative market opportunities throughout the world.

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