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Technology developed in the world’s leading data centers, designed for your most demanding workloads, ready to deploy.

Plug in high performance

In as little as 3 weeks, Sesame delivers completely integrated, ready-to-deploy compute, storage, and networking solutions. No racking and stacking or data center redesign required. Get everything your modern data center needs to compete and grow, so your teams can focus driving value and revenue.

  • Preconfigured for your most demanding workloads
  • Tuned for your specific needs
  • Ready to roll in and turn on in minutes

Transform your data center

Sesame is your alternative to the rising cost and complexity of conventional IT infrastructure. Experience the benefits of a cloud operating model on-prem, for any workload, at any capacity.

Optimized for Kubernetes

Easily scale and cluster using flexible software infrastructure needed for orchestration via Kubernetes; Sesame open-source, cloud-native systems are production-ready and capable of being tuned for a variety of container or VM solutions.

Optimized for AI/ML

Sesame’s scalable building blocks deliver the power and flexibility to adjust data at scale and respond to your learning models. These solutions deliver high bandwidth, low latency performance and iterative processing to shorten time-to-solution.

Optimized for Converged

In place of silos, you need configurable clusters that move and scale as needs change. Sesame’s efficient Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) layer makes updating code, applications, and data structures straightforward and easy.

Optimized for The Edge

The flexibility of Sesame systems makes them ideal for deployment in distributed environments. From mobile mini-racks to edge building blocks, these compact solutions are designed for containerized, micro and other nontraditional data center form factors.

Hardware you've never had before

Our decade-plus relationships with the world’s largest cloud service providers put us in a unique position to offer you the same technology, TCO, and time-to-value advantages they enjoy. For the first time, you can deploy hardware designed and put to the test in the most efficient, high-performance data centers on the planet. Purpose-built to fit your needs, budget, and footprint.

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The open advantage

Choice goes down and costs go up if you’re locked in. Not the case with Sesame, built on open architecture to ensure you get the most scalable, efficient, cost-effective IT infrastructure. Engineered, built, and tested as a single rack, these agile, modular systems deliver significantly better operational efficiency, density, and energy consumption than conventional OEM hardware.

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“Together, Sesame and EDJX are transforming TCO for edge computing environments by delivering a modern serverless platform for plant-scale applications on top of the industry's first open, circular hardware platform.”
John Cown, CEO
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“We chose ITRenew for their sustainability credentials, superior technology, ‘open compute’ flexibility, and the skill of their engineering team to deliver on our requirements at scale—all of which have enabled us to accelerate our development.”
Jeroen Burks, CEO
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Zero waste.
Zero carbon.
Zero compromise.

Want to achieve your decarbonization goals faster, without compromising quality, reliability, or performance? Sesame has designed eWaste and CO2 out of new hardware with a circular economic model that reduces your costs and carbon footprint. Now is the time to make sustainability your competitive advantage.

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Advanced tech is
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