Ensuring maximum data security

Is at the core of our business

At every step in a decommissioning process, our top priority is to completely eliminate all data security risk. Created in close collaboration with the world’s leading hyperscalers, our suite of security solutions is centered around our cutting-edge software platform and high-precision operational processes. For any risk, large or small, our approach is the same-elimination at any cost.


Hard Drive Decomissioning

The most powerful and reliable data sanitization platform in the world

Designed specifically for the data center, Teraware can sanitize an unlimited number of drives concurrently and is universally compatible with all storage models and brands. With a wide array of deployment solutions, we provide a custom configuration for each client's needs.

  • Forensically certified for wiping HDDs and flash-based storage media
  • Wipes 1TB every 2.5 hours, minimizing data exposure risk window