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Simultaneous scaling for user and application growth.

Accelerating the Journey to Cloud-Native with Kubernetes and Open Hardware from June 9, 2020 with Erik Riedel.

Is the clock suddenly ticking on your cloud-native and elastic infrastructure initiatives?

Changing market demands and priorities during this global crisis mean businesses can no longer afford to take a multi-year journey to cloud-native. Yet going cloud-native right now means that, overnight, your IT teams must scale capacity up from thousands to millions of users, and scale infrastructure out to support hundreds rather than dozens of apps and workloads. No pressure.

We all agree the need to serve more customers, add services and grow business revenues has never been more urgent. But accelerating cloud-native and elastic infrastructure can be complex and challenging. Increasingly, Product Managers and IT Managers are turning to open software to get more apps up and running quickly and to open hardware to rapidly and efficiently support user and application growth.

Drawing from implementation of ITRenew’s Sesame for Open Systems in data centers across the globe, Erik Reidel will:

  • Show how open hardware platforms deliver on the promise of elastic infrastructure orchestration.
  • Explain how open technology takes care of which apps run on which nodes, making them perfect for frameworks like Kubernetes.
  • Demonstrate how anyone can implement at scale, in record time, with a case study on how to go from server to serverless in 20 minutes or less.

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Don’t let the combined pressure of multi-dimensional workload scaling slow you down when Open Technology can accelerate your cloud-native initiatives today.

Erik Riedel shares his insights on these trends and addresses why industry leaders worldwide are taking this approach to the multi-dimensional scaling dilemma.