Value Recovery

We are the #1 global reseller of hyperscale data center hardware

ITRenew continuously develops leading edge strategies to sell mass volumes and deliver the maximum ROI to our partners.

Multiple paths to higher revenue

Not only do we recertify systems and components for sale into data center environments, but we remanufacture them for other markets too. We sell these assets for up to 45 percent higher than competitors, adding millions of dollars to your bottom line.

Sesame rack-scale systems

We engineer full compute, storage and networking solutions from recertified hyperscale hardware.

Edge solutions & building blocks

Open architecture hardware is remanufactured into infrastructure for every layer of the Edge.

High value components

Our intentional approach creates markets and commands premiums from Tier 1 and secondary buyers.

Memory remanufacturing

Server DRAM is efficiently remanufactured into laptop DRAM.

Yield highest value recovery


ITRenew’s recertified/remanufactured assets sell for up to 45% higher than competitors


ITRenew has generated more than $1B for our clients from resale of decommissioned assets

The advantages of partnering with us


Maintain your hardware’s highest utility value and extend it for the maximum possible timeframe.


Design your hardware for longevity, with the creation of new market opportunities and mechanisms in mind.


Be a part of realizing the $4.5 trillion global circular economy financial opportunity.


Enable second lives for your outbound hardware, reducing ewaste and reaching your decarbonization goals faster.

Eliminate decommissioning risk and maximize financial returns

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