After death and taxes, decommissioning your data center hardware is one of the fundamental facts of life you can count on. Fortunately, you can rely on specialized tools and services to eliminate the risk of exposing critical data residing on your IT hardware.

ITRenew is trusted by the largest cloud companies in the world to decommission their data centers. Our in-house IT asset disposition (ITAD) experts leverage our proprietary data sanitization platform Teraware to provide complete compliance assurance and a full audit trail for your peace of mind.

Built in collaboration with world-leading cloud companies and specifically designed for decommissioning, Teraware performs today in the most technologically demanding IT environments. Below are the three key benefits your company can expect to achieve by using ITRenew and Teraware in your data center decommissioning process. For an in-depth description of these benefits, download our Teraware Solution Brief .


#1 – Comprehensive sanitization, certified

In short, Teraware is simply the most secure and comprehensive data wiping software. How do we know? In our history no independent forensic lab has ever been able to find data remaining on any drives we have sanitized. Teraware wipes all drive types on all hardware platforms: HDDs, SSDs, other flash storage devices, etc. with a 98.6% success rate (vs. 50-60% for other programs). Plus our team works closely with the hardware engineering teams at hyperscalers to qualify the latest, most cutting-edge hardware for Teraware before it enters the data center. We know what new challenges are coming.

ITRenew follows NIST 800-88 which defines media types, chain of custody, methods of destruction and reporting. But Teraware takes it further. Its reporting requirements exceed many different audit requirements and compliance regulations for handling patient data, cardholder data, user data and data privacy, as well as those for industries regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Teraware also maintains the current requirements for the following global standards used and mandated by government agencies:


#2 – Fast, precise and flexible deployment

Teraware’s automated process ensures discovery of every asset, including location, condition and erasure (or lack thereof) with precision. This automation enables ITRenew to handle every drive quickly, efficiently and without error. The software uncovers all attributes of each drive such as power on hours, age. Nothing is left to chance.

Furthermore, the platform’s agent-based architecture enables parallelization of tasks and unlimited scalability. It uses a parent-child structure to send agents to all nodes that need to be wiped, so sanitization takes place concurrently. Whether wiping 50 drives or 50,000 drives, the whole process takes just one to two days.

Teraware was built to accommodate multiple form factors for flexible deployment for any use-case. ITRenew will work with you to determine the best option for your needs:

  • Licensing is available for you to deploy Teraware over your own automation framework for remote wiping. This option introduces no human risk to the data destruction process for truly maximum security.
  • ITRenew technicians can come on-site to use a small appliance with an Ethernet connection to wipe as many racks as needed concurrently.
  • ITRenew can provide USB sticks with Teraware to wipe individual nodes.
  • ITRenew can deploy wiping racks for loose drives.

#3 – Transparent and trustworthy auditing

ITRenew guarantees the highest regulatory compliance, ensuring a fully traceable audit trail
for each serialized asset, from wiping to final disposition. Teraware enables a comprehensive multi-step process, which you can read about in detail here.

  • Step 1 and 2 – asset discovery and initial reconciliation report
  • Steps 3 and 4 – drive wiping and certificate of sanitization
  • Step 5 – data center departure report
  • Steps 6 and 7 – drive transportation and reconciliation
  • Step 8 – shredding and value recovery

Our process tracks what’s happening with every asset every step of the way. Full asset discovery at the outset allows us to reconcile what company actually has in its infrastructure, which is often more than what they think they have. We then use this as a baseline to track Teraware’s wiping performance so that we can monitor every single drive.

Certified and complete sanitization, precise and flexible deployment, and transparent and trustworthy auditing are critical capabilities for securely managing data destruction. Contact ITRenew today to talk to us about your data center decommissioning and data sanitization needs.