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The Financial & Sustainability Case for Circularity

This research presents a new way to think about the economic and environmental value of data center equipment. Based on research, interviews and ITRenew’s market expertise, the paper focuses on a circular data center model that maximizes the economic life

White Paper

Hyperscale Decommissioning: Best Practices Report

The rising incidence of data breaches and increased data-theft risks compounds the need for rigorous security measures, including those implemented at the end of the hardware

Customer Story

Blockheating Customer Story

Blockheating is out to redefine the role and idea of a data center. Sesame by ITRenew is making that possible, enabling the Netherlands-based startup co-location provider to do so competitively while minimizing environmental


The TCO of OCP

The world’s largest data center owners leverage open hardware to optimize TCO and refresh cycles, and minimize CO2e impact. Now ITRenew’s circular economic model makes the same financial and sustainability opportunity available to broader global markets.