Terms of Sale

The [customer and/or reseller] acknowledges that the products are subject to the export laws and regulations of the United States, including the Export Administration Regulations. By purchasing any product, the [customer and/or reseller] affirms that he or she is not currently the target of any U.S. or other applicable economic sanctions or export restriction, and is not located, organized, or residing in any territory that is itself the target of U.S. or other applicable economic sanctions. The [customer and/or reseller] also affirms that its purchase and use of the products is and will be in compliance with the export and economic sanctions laws and regulations of the United States and any other applicable jurisdiction, and that the products will not be utilized for any of the following: (i) activities related to weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons, missiles, or chemical or biological weapons; (ii) terrorist activities; or (iii) military end uses in or connected with certain government entities of countries identified in the Export Administration Regulations and by any applicable U.S. and non-U.S. government licensing authorities. The [customer and/or reseller] shall obtain any required government authorization prior to the export, re-export, or transfer of the products. We may suspend performance, at any time, if we have reason to believe that the [customer and/or reseller] is in violation of any such applicable law or regulation.