Teraware was built in collaboration with the world’s biggest cloud companies for seamless, risk-free decommissioning. It wipes all storage types. It works onsite or remotely. It scales to any size job. And it’s continually evolving to meet new demands. There’s nothing else like it on the planet.


Teraware is the solution for data center hardware sanitization. Specifically designed for decommissioning, Teraware performs in the most technologically demanding IT environments.

  • Security 100% guaranteed: Data sanitization that meets the most stringent standards
  • A fully traceable audit trail for every serialized asset
  • More than 4 million drives per year sanitized for hyperscalers and Fortune 100 companies


Teraware wipes an unlimited number of drives concurrently, thanks to its agent-based architecture. It works in any scenario, with any media type.

  • 1-2 days to concurrently wipe all drives, whether one or 100,000
  • Wipes 1TB every 2.5 hours; parallel wiping means unprecedented efficiency
  • Fully wipes more than 98% of drives; securely wipes or destroys 100% of drives

Precise and

Teraware can manage any decommissioning job, from the most high-security racks to loose and non-networked drives.

  • Every scenario covered, from data centers to colocation sites to servers in closets
  • All media types sanitized, including SSDs, HDDs, SATA, SAS, Fibre Channel and NVMe
  • Multiple ways to deploy, including via your network, an onsite appliance or a USB drive


We adhere to and exceed the most relevant data sanitization standards and certifications for today’s infrastructures, including NIST 800-88. This also includes:

  • Data sanitization standards established by NIST, ADISA certification, and others
  • Vertical industry standards in healthcare, finance, government and more
  • Global standards everywhere in the world, including GDPR regulations


ITRenew has completed the most stringent, forensic-level testing on storage technology in use among data centers of hyperscalers and Fortune 100 companies.

  • No data has ever been found on a Teraware-wiped drive. Ever.
  • 17 ADISA Certificates for Forensic Data Erasure of SSDs and HDDs
  • ADISA Threat Matrix Level 2: Only software to pass Level 2 forensic data erasure of SSDs and HDDs beyond forensic recovery

Always ahead
of the curve

ITRenew collaborates with hyperscalers to continually upgrade Teraware so that it is compatible with the newest and most sophisticated data center hardware platforms

  • Pre-deployment Upgrading: Teraware is compatible with the latest hardware by its 1st day in production
  • Comprehensive Coverage: If a hardware type has been deployed in the past decade, Teraware can wipe it

The most adaptable erasure platform.

Teraware is one of the only data erasure software platforms certified by the Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance (ADISA) for both solid-state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs). We have sanitization solutions for every type of storage media and any scenario.

Teraware works with all drive types, including SSDs, HDDs, SATA, SAS, Fibre Channel and NVMe and all asset management platforms.

Teraware was also built to accommodate multiple form factors for the ultimate in flexible deployment. Bring us your decommissioning job, and we’ll meet you where you are: any scenario, anywhere in the world.

Teraware + network

If you prefer to run your own decommissioning program, you can license Teraware, our industry-leading software, and deploy it over your own automation framework.

Teraware + appliance

In this scenario, our technicians come to you and deploy Teraware using a small server connected to a complete cluster of racks, via Ethernet. Teraware can wipe hundreds of racks concurrently.

Teraware + USB drive

No job is too small for 100% data sanitization security. Teraware can be deployed directly to any device via a USB stick.

Teraware + wiping racks

We can also wipe racks for loose drives. With Teraware, there are no loose ends.


Assets Identified

Teraware inventories all assets to be decommissioned. We cross-reference your asset list with what we actually find, down to the exact specifications of CPUs, DIMMs, controllers and disks; we also detail all parent/child relationships. This rigorous discovery creates a comprehensive baseline for your audit trail. Data includes:

  • Rack ID/Rack Asset Tag. Locations of racks within your system are always identified and tracked.
  • Asset Serial Number/Asset Tag. The status of every asset inventoried is always identified and tracked.
  • Installed Rack Unit and Server Model. Parent/child relationships between a rack, its specific servers, and each server’s drives and components are always identified and tracked.


Drives Wiped

With Teraware sanitization, all drives are wiped at the same time, no matter how many you have. The onsite team locates and pulls anomalous (failed or non-conforming) drives individually; your chain of custody for each drive is maintained with a physical scan of its serial number.

  • 98% of drives fully wiped, an industry best
  • 100% of drives securely decommissioned


Certificates Issued

Certificates of Sanitization are issued for each wiped drive. Certificates of Destruction are issued for each failed drive upon shredding, whether this happens at your facility (if that’s your company policy) or ours. Rigorous cross-checking at every step ensures that no failed drive ever receives a Certificate of Sanitization.

  • Certificates of Sanitization are fully guaranteed, including for financial liability
  • Certificates of Destruction are fully guaranteed, including for financial liability


Automated Reporting

Once all drives have been wiped, Teraware’s automatic reporting details the exact status of each item, including failed or non-conforming disks. Cross-checking is performed as decommissioned inventory is loaded into trucks for removal.

  • Rigorous cross-checking at every step in the decommissioning process compares and reconciles listed and actual inventory

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