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Together we deliver the most advanced technology at the most competitive lifetime value.

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An ecosystem of value

Partnerships from across the industry ensure Sesame by ITRenew sets the standard for flexible, scalable, and efficient IT infrastructure—customized for any deployment or workload.

Open source. Cloud-native. Software-defined.

ITRenew rapidly delivers and certifies joint solutions that leverage the software you use in your data centers. ITRenew ensures interoperability and optimal performance for all your data center workloads that run on our rack-scale systems.

Storage. Compute. Networking.

ITRenew partners with ecosystem leaders to deliver best-in-class joint solutions that bring together the best of innovative hardware with cost-effective network scaling and the efficiency of high-performance infrastructure.


ITRenew maximizes the lifetime value of data center technology through innovative circular economic models and partnerships with innovative technology providers who are focused on sustainability and decarbonizing hardware infrastructure.

Openess. Standards. Collaboration.

Industry standards and collaboration matter to ITRenew—they speed up the introduction of innovative products and services to the market. ITRenew is committed to delivering a positive impact on our environment and society.

Value. Performance. Sustainability.

ITRenew partners with leading resellers worldwide to bring you breakthrough infrastructure, performance, and value. Choose your authorized vendor to get the service and support you demand, plus the flexibility, cost savings, and accelerated time-to-market your business needs.

“Sustainability is not a trend, but an urgent necessity. The basic idea of sustainability should characterize every business decision: from the first ideas for the construction and the selection of the installed technology to the cooperation with partners and the development and introduction of new innovative ideas”
Menno Kortekaas, CTO
Circle B
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“By partnering with EDJX and ITRenew, we are not only realigning the IT supply chain toward inherent environmental sustainability, we are enabling existing data centers to increase the utilization of the power they have already built.”
Dean Nelson, CEO
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Sesame by ITRenew makes it easy for organizations to choose sustainable, profitable growth—empowering everyone to build a better future starting now.


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The TCO of OCP

The world’s largest data center owners leverage open hardware to optimize TCO and refresh cycles, and minimize CO2e impact. Now ITRenew’s circular economic model makes the same financial and sustainability opportunity available to broader global markets.