Data-driven analysis for transformative change

We’re redefining lifetime value for data center hardware by integrating analysis of primary and secondary market uses into a single framework, the Circular Data Center. Leverage our insights to extract more value from your equipment.

Hard Drive Decomissioning

Mine the data that’s essential to maximizing lifetime value

Traditional methods of analyzing TCO are based on internal data center metrics alone, omitting key inputs.

The Circular Data Center model takes into account the transformative impact of secondary markets. A robust analysis of your internal primary metrics and data on secondary markets uncovers the true total lifetime value of your hardware. Then our unparalleled operational capabilities open up new pathways to capitalize on that potential and make it a reality.

We’ll work with you to model the optimal timelines and opportunities for decommissioning, as well as potential secondary and tertiary lifecycles for your assets, based on your unique environment and our diverse downstream channels. Here’s how:

  • 1. Customized Inputs: We partner with you to understand your specialized environment and feed it into the model
  • 2. Sensitivity Analysis: Our tools then let you try different variables – the time at which you decommission, the secondary form factors your equipment takes – and how these options will impact your total value recovery
  • 3. Outcomes: The data generated helps you optimize the full lifecycle of your equipment and proactively plan for maximized lifetime value
Hard Drive Decomissioning

Design your IT equipment for multiple lifetimes of reuse

The first key step in realizing the full potential of a Circular Data Center is designing from the start with multiple lifetimes of reuse in mind for assets. We’ll help you navigate the design trade-offs that will maximize the value of your hardware by enabling these additional loops of life – all without compromising your overall functional objectives. Designing your hardware in this way can unlock tremendous incremental lifetime value. Specialty areas include:

  • Designing for reuse in your own data center to prolong useful life and optimize TCO of assets
  • Establishing system design to best enable recertification and support in secondary markets
  • Designing for end of life, considering potential materials for their recyclability
Hard Drive Decomissioning

Stay ahead of the game: understanding downstream opportunities for new technology

Hyperscalers are on the cutting edge of data center design, innovating and deploying new solutions well ahead of the general market. But waiting until you’re ready to decommission to understand secondary market opportunities will cost you time and money.

Leverage our expertise early to analyze downstream markets, opportunities and economics, and proactively build viable solutions to maximize value that matches your innovation.

Areas of comprehensive analysis include:

  • Ecosystems that correspond to your system focus and the partnership and secondary life opportunities they offer
  • The economic landscape that can impact your choices, from supply chains to secondary markets
  • Downstream markets for everything from reengineered products to parts to recycling streams

ITRenew is orchestrating a global circular IT hardware industry, opening up new pathways between hyperscalers and downstream markets. Tap into our expertise to capitalize on your hardware’s true lifetime value.