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The most sustainable, cost-effective Chia solution

ITRenew + Chia = sustainability2

Chia is the secure, sustainable, programmable internet money designed to be usable by everyone. Sesame by ITRenew is the world’s leading sustainable data center infrastructure. Together, we’re committed to making digital currency greener.

Based on a novel new consensus called Proof of Space and Time, Chia has already solved the Proof of Work energy problem. Today, the Chia Network is able to secure the blockchain with underutilized storage space at 500 times less annual energy than Bitcoin. Now, with Sesame by ITRenew, storage dedicated to farming for the Chia Netspace can also be delivered sustainably, cutting carbon footprints and eWaste on a global scale.

Sesame systems are 100% recertified. This sustainably-sourced, open architecture gear is optimized to deliver outstanding Chia performance and superior energy efficiency – all at 50% lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than conventional OEM hardware.  Plus, our circular economic approach means no supply chain constraints. All the material needed to build new Chia infrastructure is already manufactured and in our possession.

Your all-in, integrated rack-scale storage solutions can be delivered in as little as 4 weeks, for less than $30 per solution-level Terabyte. Check out the example below then contact us for your customized configuration.

Performance Specs

  • 45 plots/4.5 TB per day
  • From six to 600 converged and storage nodes
  • Dual-socket converged nodes with 1 GbE connectivity (optional 10 GbE or 25 GbE, single or dual)
  • 1 GbE, 10 GbE, 40 GbE, or 100 GbE rack connectivity
  • HDD-based storage with tens of thousands of IOPS and petabytes of capacity
  • Configurable, cost-effective management and infrastructure nodes for system services
  • top-of-rack switches compatible with your existing network environments
  • low-bandwidth internal switches for optimized cost
  • (optional) high-bandwidth switches and cross-rack uplinks for optimized in-cluster performance and scalable cross-rack connectivity up to 50 racks

Special Offer: Chia storage for <$30/TB

Contact us today to quickly, cost-effectively and sustainably scale your Chia storage infrastructure.

About Chia

Chia is green money for a digital world. Chia was designed to be secure, sustainable programmable internet money usable by everyone from individuals to governments, multinationals, and financial institutions. Based on a novel new consensus called Proof of Space and Time, Chia is able to secure the blockchain with underutilized storage space at a fraction of the energy of Proof of Work (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum).

In Chia, participants put their storage to work in something called “farming”, in which they dedicate their storage to the Chia Netspace (today over 40 exabytes and growing) in exchange for earning rewards in Chia coins (XCH). Because of the relative ease of joining the network with spare storage, it is anticipated that Chia will be the most decentralized cryptocurrency in the world (and most likely currently is with over 450k nodes).

Chia wants to want to further the reuse of IT devices as it ensures continued growth from underutilized storage, and considers Chia farming the perfect use case to accelerate the reduction of the needless shredding of hard drives.