Sustainable growth
made practical

TCO-smashing infrastructure on demand. Designed for your workloads, optimized for performance and value, ready to plug and play.


Sesame’s breakthrough building block approach means you can finally have all the high-performance infrastructure you need, whenever you need it. We’re talking cost-effective, advanced infrastructure. Pre-configured for your demanding workloads and tuned to your needs. No long, expensive order cycles, racking and stacking, or data center redesign required.

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Drive performance and scalability up, complexity and time-to-value down

3-4 weeks

Standard order-to-delivery for fully integrated systems.

30 minutes

Typical elapsed time from crate to operational.

3 years

Full warranty included on all systems.
6 year available.


Total cost of ownership advantage
over conventional OEMs.


Value from a standard footprint
with our high density designs.


Node scalability, from loaded racks
to ones with room to grow.

Cloud convenience.
On-prem performance.

That’s right, it’s the best of both worlds. The ultimate in reliability, flexibility, and scalability, combined with superior performance and control. Infrastructure preconfigured for your demanding workloads. Tuned to your specific needs. Ready to plug and play.

Consume, don't build
your infrastructure

With Sesame, there’s no need to pick every CPU, DIMM, and drive. We design and tune your infrastructure to do what you need it to do, whether cloud-native, AI/ML, HCI, or edge.

Maximize your return
on every IT dollar

Stop compromising performance for value. Get the same efficiency and cost advantages as the world’s largest hyperscalers, at 50% lower TCO than conventional OEM and cloud.

Optimize for
workload variability

All your applications will run reliably, securely, and at peak performance on Sesame; unhampered by cloud-compatibility, data sovereignty, or multi-vendor complexity or issues.

Scale uninterrupted,
just like your data

Sesame’s modular, open architecture makes it easy to add capacity as demand grows. Plus, with our closed-loop supply chain, your gear arrives 2 – 3X faster than traditional OEMs.

Built on open architecture

Open infrastructure does more than beat legacy solutions on agility, operational efficiency, and energy consumption. You benefit from technology backed by over a decade of cross-industry collaboration and thousands of cumulative years of engineering skill. All proven through extensive use in hyperscale data centers. Choosing Sesame is just smarter business.

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“ITRenew has done an amazing job of adding value across the supply chain of existing OCP hardware and created full integrated solutions based on proven enterprise workloads.”
Steve Helvie, VP of Channel Development
Open Compute Project
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“The idea of the circular economy really spoke to us. With ITRenew's Sesame solutions, we can have it all — flexibility and performance from systems that are competitively priced and significantly more sustainable. We could take our vision and make it a reality.”
Headshot of CEO Dan Njuguna
Daniel Njuguna, CEO
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Smarter Technology. Sustainably sourced.

Turn reducing your carbon footprint into a competitive advantage. Sesame designs eWaste and CO2 out of new infrastructure, bringing all the financial and sustainability benefits of circular economics to your data center.

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Let's reimagine your
data center

Let’s chat about which Sesame Rack Solution is right for your data center.



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