The explosive growth of data collected in recent years, and the new applications and business models using it have made rapid, efficient and cost-effective data center scaling a must. At the same time, the exponential rise in e-waste and CO2 emissions make it imperative to do so responsibly and sustainably. To put this into perspective, there are currently 75 million servers in use in large data centers, of which 46 million will reach end of life and need to be replaced within the next three years.

The question of how to do achieve this, without defaulting to existing practices, is one the industry has been struggling to answer for some time. What is clear however, is that open technology will play a fundamental role in the development of affordable, scalable and sustainable Data Center solutions.

In response, today ITRenew and Hydro66 announced that they have joined forces to bring a combination of disruptive thinking and tested innovation to the dual challenges of driving down infrastructure costs and maximizing sustainability at scale. Read the release here for the full details of the collaboration. For the first time, Hydro66 customers will be able to take advantage of integrated turnkey hardware and cloud services solutions that deliver the financial and environmental advantages of both Sesame by ITRenew’s groundbreaking hyperscale-powered, rack-scale servers and Hydro66’s “move data, not power” philosophy.

By combining Sesame, the latest ITRenew innovation created to put the circular economy principle of keeping assets in their highest utility for as long as possible, into practice, with Hydro66, Sweden’s ultra-low emissions, colocation data center pioneer – it delivers a compelling proposition to market that will continue to change and drive down the long term economic costs of colocation.

What’s more, Hydro66 will be able to take advantage of ITRenew’s reuse pathways for data center hardware that extend their lifetime value, lower total cost of primary and secondary ownership, as well as maximize sustainability by reducing e-waste and the demand for the CO2-producing manufacture of new materials. And as Hydro66 moves to launch their own public and private cloud, Sesame by ITRenew will further add to this capability by providing Hydro66 with robust, reliable, low-cost server racks that make the power of hyperscale accessible and affordable for all of their customers.

As a Platinum member of OCP, ITRenew built Sesame on open architecture that drew from thousands of person-years of design effort by the organization’s membership and was proven via extensive use in hyperscale data centers. As an OCP Ready™ Colo Facility Hydro66 offers Enterprise clients an assured way to deploy OCP servers, storage and networking equipment in an extremely cost-effective and scalable way. Compliance means a proven method for accepting OCP pre-built racks, safe in the knowledge that the data center has been pre-vetted and meets or exceeds all the criteria for hosting OCP gear.

To learn more, join Ali Fenn and David Rowe in conversation at the OCP Virtual Summit, for The TCO of OCP – Maximize Your Financial & Sustainability Results Today, live May 13 at 12:30pm PT. Register for free here.