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A decade ago, the Open Compute Project (OCP) set out to redefine technology infrastructure and change data center design, bringing the same kind of collaboration, innovation and creativity seen in open-source software to the hardware space. Since then it has been OCP community’s mission to enable the global development, use and mainstream delivery of of the most efficient designs for scalable computing. Designs that reduce complexity, control costs, cut energy consumption and make it possible for companies worldwide to free themselves from the limitations of proprietary, one-size-fits-all gear.

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Built on open architecture.

As a Platinum member of the OCP, ITRenew allows more companies to benefit from the same best-in-class hardware used by the world’s largest cloud companies. Our OCP-certified, Open Architecture solutions put hyperscale-grade infrastructure, performance and energy efficiency in the hands of data center operators everywhere—4x faster and at 50% lower cost than vanity OEM gear.

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Platinum OCP Members include:

Why OCP?


Standards-based, multi-vendor hardware


More capacity in a standard footprint


Control costs and energy consumption


Flexible and easy to deploy, upgrade and maintain


Community commitment to carbon reduction

“As a leader in the circular data center economy, ITRenew brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the OCP on topics like democratizing access, lowering total cost of ownership, extending the lifetime value of hardware and maximizing sustainability.”

Bill Carter, Chief Technology Officer for the OCP Foundation


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From design to implementation to lifecycle management, our team has experience helping organizations scale more efficiently, cost-effectively and sustainably with open architecture solutions.