Sesame For Open Systems accelerates your journey to Cloud-Native with Kubernetes & Open Hardware

Changing market demands and business priorities during this global crisis mean that businesses can no longer afford to take a multi-year journey to cloud-native. Overnight, your IT teams must rapidly scale their users, infrastructure and workloads to meet massive application demand and the immediate requirement for more services. This means scaling capacity up from thousands to millions of users, and scaling infrastructure out to support hundreds of apps and workloads.

Sesame For Open Systems provides the scale you need for Kubernetes orchestration with cross-rack switching interconnecting up to 20 racks – and 750+ nodes in a single cluster or network domain.

Check out these six resources below to learn how Open Hardware is the perfect approach to address Cloud-Native Orchestration via Kubernetes. Now anyone can implement at scale in record time.



Simultaneous Scaling For User and Application Growth

Erik Riedel of ITRenew addresses why it’s required to ramp up your Cloud-Native initiatives now and not on a multi-year journey. IT Teams are turning to open software to get more apps up and open hardware to efficiently support user and application growth. Learn why Open Hardware platforms deliver on the promise of elastic infrastructure orchestration.



From Servers To Serverless In Ten Minutes

Case Study: Want to deploy and provision a scale-out Kubernetes cluster for running and orchestrating containers & VMs on bare metal in minutes not months? Deploying such clusters on racks of bare metal requires preparation and planning. Learn from ITRenew’s evaluation and optimization of various approaches. See how we took a high-density OCP rack with over 1,000 compute cores and 9TB of memory from bare hardware to running a serverless demo app in around 10 minutes.

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Sesame For Open Systems – Accelerating Cloud-Native Via Kubernetes & Open Hardware

Get on the fast-track to Cloud-Native and Elastic Infrastructure Orchestration. Sesame For Open Systems is preconfigured with Kubernetes to give you what it takes to massively scale up for more users and to scale out for increased workloads and demand for more services.



Sesame For Open Systems–Leveraging Kubernetes with Open Hardware

One of the most cost-effective Kubernetes cluster platforms available. Open-source, cloud-native orchestration via Kubernetes has become the go-to approach for automating application development, operations and management. Sesame For Open Systems rack-level solutions deliver performance and efficiency at scale using proven hyperscale technology.



Sesame By ITRenew

Sesame By ITRenew delivers the power of hyperscale for all. We’re talking TCO smashing rack-scale solutions optimized for your Open Systems, AI/ML and Converged workloads. Sesame For Open Systems is ready to deploy – pre-qualified with Kubernetes to orchestrate large numbers of nodes with a consistent architecture. Sesame takes the guesswork out of designing your data center solutions.



What’s Inside Sesame Fast-Start

Leverage Kubernetes clusters at home or at your office desk with an Open Technology mini-chassis rack solution. Get an inside look at how we’ve made the powerful hyperscale technology developed for our line of optimized rack-scale data center solutions accessible for deskside use.

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