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We have the experience, physical resources and global presence to manage the logistics for any decommissioning scenario, anywhere in the world.


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Worldwide presence

No matter your location, we can meet all of your decommissioning needs: large or small, simple or complex, wiping or shredding. Our process covers complete de-installation, collection, removal and disposition according to your unique requirements. Full, onsite decommissioning jobs are completed in four to six days, making us the most efficient onsite solution in the world.

Dedicated fleet of trucks

ITRenew has its own dedicated fleet of trucks, which further enhances the shipping and security options for your decommissioning program. To meet the most stringent security requirements, we offer secure shipping with sealed loads and GPS tracking; you know where your assets are at all times. We perform automated reconciliation of each serialized asset, both at the point of shipment and upon receipt at our facility, ensuring complete, end-to-end reconciliation.

Secure, specialized processing

Every ITRenew facility is designed specifically for processing enterprise hardware, whether that be for full racks or parallelized equipment. As the industry leader in decommissioning, we take pride in the security, efficiency and effectiveness of our highly specialized logistics chain.

WITS: Transparent inventory management

We use our proprietary Web Inventory Tracking System (WITS) to ensure every asset is traceable from your data center to our facility so you always know the disposition of your assets. Its nuanced and diverse feature set provides the flexibility to manage custom processes for the most complex reverse logistics scenarios.

Custom reverse logistics requests

Our end-to-end logistics chain helps you maximize the lifetime value of each asset through re-engineering, recertification and redeployment. That can include managing the redeployment of hardware from one client-owned site to another; managing the safe disposal of parts into the recycling stream; and more.

Talk to us about how you can best power a Circular Data Center that maximizes the lifetime value of your assets.

One point of contact = Good logistics

We have deep industry relationships and highly efficient practices. We can scale quickly when you need it, anywhere in the world, thanks to our trusted third-party partners in logistics and recycling. Meanwhile, you have one efficient point of contact: ITRenew.

  • The right technology, experience and logistics resources in one place
  • One point of contact for you with a compete, real-time window into your assets
  • Fewer vendors creates a more efficient and secure process

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