Stay@Home and Join Us for the Global Open For All Experience

The Open Compute Project was founded on the principles of collaboration, free exchange of ideas, and positive impact on the community. So, it’s no surprise that organizers of the 2020 OCP Global Summit wasted no time transforming March’s planned face-to-face conference into a full-fledged virtual event. The renamed, multi-day OCP Virtual Summit, promises a true-to-the-original experience right down to the 3D-rendered San Jose Convention Center lobby, including a fully interactive Expo Hall, compelling keynotes, engaging workshops and lots of opportunities to connect with each other.

As a proud Diamond Sponsor of the event, and Platinum Member of OCP, ITRenew is excited to share this new experience with a community known for challenging the status quo and coming together to lead change. This event not only brings together top tier executives, technologists, partners, and customers, it’s a great place to advance ideas, identify opportunities for collaboration, and move the market forward together. We hope you’ll be able to join us – either in our virtual booth, or for one of the 7 sessions we’ll be leading, including a keynote on the opportunity and imperative of a Global Circular IT Hardware Industry by ITRenew’s President Ali Fenn, an Expo Session where we reveal how to uncomplicate your move to open, and multiple technical sessions with the ITRenew team.

Open for All

In going virtual, the show is truly living up to its “Open For All” theme by taking the unprecedented step of making registration free for all. And we’ve created a shortcut that takes you right to the sign-up page, just click here. How incredible would it be, against the backdrop of travel restrictions, #StayAtHome, #AloneTogether and disruptions to business as usual, if we convened the largest group ever to continue the groundswell of momentum toward the kind of accessible, scalable, efficient, open architecture-centric data center technology transformation that is core to ITRenew’s DNA and mission?

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Even before the Coronavirus pandemic, the data center industry was facing unprecedented data growth, application workload and infrastructure demands. The once-in-a-century public health crisis posed by COVID-19 has resulted in a rapid shift to planetary-level work-from-home, social distancing and remote operational models. And given that data centers underpin the IT backbone of the global digital economy, and open hardware platforms and open source software innovation are the critical foundation underpinning the transformation of data centers, all of this serves to underscore the urgent need to strengthen, scale and create new access to robust and sustainable infrastructure across the globe. With more of our lives shifting online, the opportunity and imperative to maximize sustainability and financial success by going 100% circular have never been greater.

Connect with Us

Be sure to stop by our virtual booth for a chat, to learn more about the Circular IT Hardware Economy, and explore our newest solutions and hardware. Even better, get in touch with us in advance so we can set up a time to meet at the show and discuss your specific needs.

And be sure to add the sessions ITRenew is leading throughout the Summit to your schedule:

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Tuesday, May 12 (9:30 – 9:40am)
KEYNOTE: Operationalizing a Global, Circular IT Industry is Both Our Opportunity and Imperative

ITRenew President Ali Fenn leads our circular data center initiatives, including market development and business model innovation. Who better, then, to assess and address the environmental impact of the massive scaling of our data center infrastructure? Ali will help our clients and listeners understand the true total cost of equipment and the opportunity represented by circular data centers to redefine lifetimes and maximize both financial value and sustainability. By making circular data centers the norm instead of the exception, Ali believes ITRenew and all our partners can enable a global, circular IT hardware industry, and by doing so catalyze both financial and environmental opportunity, as well as democratized access to growth. She will discuss what this entails, what’s happening now, and what is at stake.

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Tuesday, May 12th (11:59am)
Open Uncomplicated

Erik Riedel, the SVP of ITRenew/Sesame Compute & Storage Solutions, will use his expertise as an engineering leader in infrastructure & storage to discuss the “Open for All” model. At ITRenew we have the proof that this model isn’t a utopian vision; it’s real and ready today. Erik will teach our audience how to capitalize on the power of pre-configured, plug-in-ready rack-scale solutions, built on open architecture. No assembly. No guesswork. No army of engineers required. You’ll learn why ITRenew believes you can power a data center like a hyperscaler, while simultaneously dropping your TCO and upping your sustainability.

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Wednesday, May 13 (12:30 – 1:00pm)
The TCO of OCP – Maximize Your Financial & Sustainability Results Today

Ali Fenn will return to discuss the hidden but significant challenges associated with leveraging open hardware to drive TCO advances and optimize hardware refresh cycles. She will explain how this opportunity has not been made available to the broader global IT markets, along with how exponential growth in data and compute requirements drives an unsustainable infrastructure scale. At ITRenew, we know that a circular economic IT model is the answer to these challenges. Ali will share real-world data, customer experiences, and products that maximize the financial and sustainability returns of your IT hardware. Whether you already run massive data centers or are headed that way, adopting circular principles and solutions can significantly decrease IT hardware TCO, minimize your CO2e impact, and help democratize access to OCP solutions for enterprises.

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Engineering Workshops:

  • Wednesday, May 13 at 10:00am – From Servers to Serverless in 10 Minutes with Erik Riedel, SVP, Compute & Storage Solutions
  • Wednesday, May 13 at 1:00pm – Sesame Fast-Start Mini-Chassis Update and Users’ Feedback with Jean-Jacques Chanut, Mechanical Engineering
  • Wednesday, May 13 at 2:05pm – Testing Firmware the Devops Way with Julien Viard de Galbert, Senior Firmware Engineer
  • Thursday, May 14 at 9:00am – Small JBOG Solutions: with Thomas Van Liefde, Electical Engineering

These are just a small selection of exciting topics and events that will be hosted online, free of charge, from May 12-15, 2020. Explore the whole list here.

How the OCP Virtual Summit Works:

Dates: The OCP Virtual Summit will cover three full days, Tuesday May 12 through Thursday May 14, and extend into an additional final day, dedicated to the Future Technologies Symposium, on Friday, May 15.

Platform: The OCP Virtual Summit will be an online 3D environment, can be experience on a laptop or desktop computer, or via simplified mobile version. No additional hardware, software or plugins will be required.

Registration: Registration is free for all attendees. We’ve created a shortcut that will take you right to the page, just click here.

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