The global leader in circular cloud and sustainable data center infrastructure joins forces with the biggest names in tech, consumer goods and waste management to drive a coordinated transition toward a sustainable and economically viable IT industry

Silicon Valley, California –  July 20, 2021ITRenew, the global leader in circular cloud and sustainable data center infrastructure, today announced it has joined the global Circular Electronics Partnership (CEP) to further the company’s commitment to driving major advances in decarbonization and sustainability on a global scale.

ITRenew brings more than a decade of circularity expertise to the partnership. ITRenew creates second lives for the most advanced data center technology on the planet, transforming decommissioned IT hardware from a potential waste stream into high-value assets; everything from critical components to fully integrated systems powering cloud, enterprise, edge, AI/ML, embedded and industrial systems worldwide.

As a member of CEP, ITRenew joins like-minded organizations that are in a position to fundamentally advance global sustainability standards. This goal tightly aligns with ITRenew’s mission to enable its own customers and partners to meet ambitious financial and decarbonization targets with circular solutions.

“A circular economy for electronics is an imperative both against the context of the greater than 50 million tons of e-waste currently created annually, and the immense portion of total electronics CO2 that is Scope 3 and tied to new manufacturing,” said Ali Fenn, president of ITRenew. “We’re already working with the world’s largest hyperscale cloud service providers and their massive fleets of IT equipment, but comprehensive transformation of the global electronics market demands cross-industry collaboration and leadership.”

The formation of CEP marks the first time experts, business leaders and global organizations will co-design solutions around sustainable IT infrastructure and circular economy. This pre-competitive industry platform will establish a network capable of elevating the action and ambition of the industry in a coordinated way.

“As electronics are omnipresent, a new approach is critical”, says Brendan Edgerton, Director Circular Economy, World Business Council and Sustainable Development. “Far beyond just computers, monitors and phones, electronics are commonly found in everything from clothing to toys. As applications scale, they should be circular in design, production, use and recovery to create a nature, climate and people positive value chain.

The Circular Electronics Partnership embodies this ambition, he adds, and can serve as the center of gravity for this transition. “CEP is proud to welcome ITRenew in this alliance and we look forward to implementing the Roadmap with our Partners and the biggest companies in electronics.”

The addition of ITRenew to CEP follows a roadmap for how the electronics industry will commit to accelerating data center circularity and reducing e-waste, an effort supported by the World Economic Forum and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. ITRenew, as well as top electronics brands, will seek an exchange of ideas and collective action capable of fundamentally advancing sustainability standards.

“CEP is a great convening body for the world’s business leaders to come together to advance standards and best practices, and to establish an actionable path to changed behavior and circularity globally,” Fenn said. “ITRenew is excited to participate and help lead this global imperative and circular transformation, bringing our expertise to the broader electronics markets across industries.”

About ITRenew

ITRenew is on a mission to make sustainably-sourced, zero-carbon infrastructure the worldwide data center standard. The company’s circular economic solutions enable profitable, sustainable growth for cloud and enterprise data centers, edge infrastructure, AI/ML, embedded and industrial systems worldwide. The second lives and reuse pathways ITRenew creates for some of the most advanced technology on the planet open up billions in new financial opportunity, slash time-to-value, e-waste and CO2, and make hyperscale hardware accessible to and affordable for all. It’s why the world’s leading data center owners, service providers and enterprises choose ITRenew to design, deploy and scale their infrastructure.

About CEP

The Circular Electronics Partnership (CEP) is a private sector alliance for circular electronics that unites leaders in tech, consumer goods and waste management, to identify how to do things better. The group, a consortium of the world’s leading brands and global organizations, aims to reimagine the value of electronic products and materials using a lifecycle approach, reducing waste from the design stage through to product use and recycling. Learn more at

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