Increasingly, the ability to rapidly collect, process and use enormous amounts of complex data to improve operational efficiency and the quality of healthcare delivery is seen as both a medical necessity and competitive advantage.

Driven to deliver the best patient experience, care and outcomes, hospitals and medical research centers worldwide are seeking to transform their critical IT infrastructure with responsive, connected, patient-focused technologies and solutions that support both clinical and business goals.

Building these capabilities is a must for modern healthcare organizations now and for the long-term. Turnkey Modular Data Centers offer cost-effective, scalable and sustainable ways to optimize IT infrastructure, improve patient care and enhance clinical efficiencies today.

What is a Turnkey Modular Data Center?

Infographic for Modular Data Centers utilizing ITRenew Open Server ITHardware Turnkey Modular Data Centers are all-in-one solutions that make deploying data storage, compute capacity and processing power fast, easy, and efficient, without paying a premium. Everything from hardware and software to power and cooling can be optimized to your specifications, giving you a plug-and-play, portable, on-premises solution for your critical data management, storage and processing needs. The compact footprint of these containerized units helps medical organizations rapidly extend their operational limits, both physically and virtually, and avoid the strains caused by rapid influxes of new patients, regular additions and access to electronic health records, higher resolution medical imaging, telehealth and more.

This new breakthrough for the healthcare market solves for the overtaxed systems currently running in many US hospitals that are impacting medical practitioners and their patients. Inefficient systems cost valuable time that could be used for patient consultations, increase wait times for medical processing and stunt hospital revenue growth.

Purpose-built and pre-engineered to meet the unique needs of any medical facility, Turnkey Modular Data Centers are designed to accelerate deployment, drive down infrastructure costs and maximize sustainability.

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