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Custom Decommissioning Solutions to Suit Your Business

Based on our many years of working hand-in-hand with the largest hyperscalers in the world, ITRenew has been able to create decommissioning services that can handle hardware from owned sites to colocation facilities to single racks in small points of presence. Our tech-enabled, comprehensive, custom solutions can diagnose and meet the unique needs and requirements of all hardware decommissioning situations, with maximum security and efficiency guaranteed. Our world-class engineers, analysts, and operators have the experience to deliver turnkey services for every client. ITRenew can design the most complex logistics process or managed program to meet client needs in the most comprehensive manner.

Partner with Itrenew and Enjoy These Benefits

1. Increased Speed & Efficiency

ITRenew takes pride in the combination of unmatched speed and quality in our hardware decommissioning services. No matter how many assets you entrust to our expertise, we complete onsite wiping in one to two days, and full hyperscale data center decommissioning in four to six. Compare this to our competitors who take four to six weeks for the same services, and you can see why we can rightly claim the title of most efficient onsite solution in the world. We also serve as a one-stop shop for all hardware decommissioning services, including de-installation, collection, and removal. Our clients have no need to worry about the operational burden of decommissioning. ITRenew is fully equipped with the hyperscaler expertise that has allowed us to optimize physical removal, decommissioning processes, and logistics, meaning you can go about business as normal while we work efficiently in the background.

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2. Highest Value Recovery

When you partner with ITRenew, you gain access to the financial benefit of working with the number-one global reseller of hyperscale data center hardware. We both recertify entire systems and individual components for resale to new data centers and remanufacture them to suit other markets. This allows us to claim up to 45% higher prices on these recycled assets, empowering us to offer you lower fees and better deals on our services and products, and thereby add millions of dollars to your bottom line. Since data center systems are not cheap (topping more than $200 billion in 2019), this benefit can put you far ahead of your competitors and maximize your financial return on resale.

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3. Risk-Free Sanitization

ITRenew deploys its world-class, proprietary sanitization software, Teraware, to eliminate all data exposure risk from hardware decommissioning process. As proof, independent studies have indicated that our software fully wipes more than 98% of drives, compared to the competitor average of 50%. Additionally, our organizational standards include multiple layers of asset reconciliation, and variance reporting. We also offer numerous types of shredding to meet any kind of situation. This array of safeguards means we virtually obliterate any risk at every stage of a decommissioning job.

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4. Fully Traceable Compliance

We know that our clients often have to follow rigorous auditing standards, which means that one of our goals is helping them achieve impeccable audit performance. ITRenew’s process is, therefore, fully transparent and guaranteed to meet the highest regulatory compliance standards. We provide an easily traceable audit trail for each serialized asset, from wiping to final disposition. This includes Certificates of Sanitization and Destruction that we stand behind as an independent third party.

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The Highest Level of End-to-End Hardware Decommissioning Worldwide

ITRenew manages hardware decommissioning around the world. We have the experience, the physical resources, and the global presence to manage the logistics for any decommissioning scenario, anywhere in the world. When you partner with ITRenew, you will enjoy the benefits of our company infrastructure and business network, including the following:


Worldwide Accessibility

With multiple locations around the world, and even more trusted third-party contacts, we can meet all of your hardware decommissioning needs, no matter where you are located. Globally, our process covers complete de-installation, collection, removal and disposition according to your unique requirements. We are also the most efficient onsite solution in the world, completing your entire decommissioning job in a week or less.


Dedicated Fleet of Trucks

ITRenew understands that shipping with third-party service comes with its own risks. Because of this, we maintain a dedicated fleet of trucks to meet even the most stringent security requirements for our clients. We offer you perks like sealed loads and GPS tracking, so that you can follow your assets through the entire decommissioning process. We perform automated reconciliation of each serialized asset, both at the point of shipment and upon receipt at our facility, ensuring complete, end-to-end reconciliation.


Secure, Specialized Processing

No matter whether you send us full server racks or parallelized equipment, each ITRenew facility is designed specifically for processing your enterprise hardware. Our logistics chain is designed to handle your decommissioning needs with security, efficiency, and the highest standards of quality.

Transparent Inventory Management

We know our clients often need to follow the disposition of their assets from data centers to our facility. We have developed our proprietary Web Inventory Tracking System (WITS) to ensure the complete traceability of every asset. WITS’ nuanced and diverse feature set provides the flexibility to manage custom processes for the most complex reverse logistics scenarios.

Custom Reverse Logistics

Do you need to redeploy decommissioned hardware from one of your sites to another? Manage the safe disposal of parts for recycling? Our end-to-end logistics chain can take care of all of these processes and more. ITRenew’s commitment is to help you maximize the lifetime value of each asset through re-engineering, recertification and redeployment.

The ITRenew Hardware Decommissioning Difference

We believe that each client’s experience should be as streamlined and pain-free as possible, to make the already complex process of hardware decommissioning that much easier. That’s why we act as your one, efficient point of contact during the entire service process. While we can take advantage of our deep industry relationships, allowing us to scale quickly according to your leads and anywhere in the world, we handle all contact with our trusted third-party partners in logistics and recycling. You simply benefit from their expertise and ours, without having to interface with multiple contact points at once. 

If this sounds like the hardware decommissioning service you need—one-stop, end-to-end, fully documented, risk-free—request a consultation with our expert technicians today. 


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