Hard Drive Decomissioning

Eliminate all data exposure risk from
the process

Between our Teraware sanitization software and multiple layers of asset reconciliation, variance reporting and numerous types of shredding, we remove all risk at every stage of a decommissioning job.

  • Fully wipes 98% of drives; competitors wipe at just 50%
  • Multiple security safeguards at every step
Hard Drive Decomissioning

Delivering complete solutions 10x faster than the competition

No matter the challenge or the number of assets to be decommissioned, we complete onsite wiping in 1-2 days. Our full onsite decommissioning work at hyperscale data centers takes only 4-6 days, making us the most efficient onsite solution in the world.

  • Projects completed in 4-6 days; competitors take 4-6 weeks
  • Years of experience
Hard Drive Decomissioning

#1 Global reseller of hyperscale data center hardware

Not only do we recertify systems and components, but we remanufacture them too. We sell these assets for 20%-45% higher than our competitors, adding hundreds of millions of dollars to your bottom line, while reducing your environmental footprint.

  • $700m+ generated for clients
  • Selling up to 45% higher than the competition
Hard Drive Decomissioning

Guaranteed to meet the highest regulatory compliance standards

We provide a fully traceable audit trail for each serialized asset, from wiping to final disposition. This includes Certificates of Sanitization and Destruction that we stand behind as an independent third party. Our services enable clients to achieve impeccable audit performance.

  • Complete chain of custody
  • Impeccable client audit record
Hard Drive Decomissioning

Turnkey, custom solutions for every client

Our world-class engineers, analysts and operators have the most extensive decommissioning experience on the planet. From solving complicated logistics projects to building managed programs, we meet each client's needs in the most comprehensive manner.

  • Global capabilities
  • Customized reverse logistics