Go Circular

Zero waste. Zero carbon. Zero Compromise.

It’s time to put an end to take-make-waste and shift the industry toward profitable, responsible, sustainable growth.

The circular advantage

Meet growing demand without compromise. Sesame delivers the financial and environmental benefits of circular economics to the data center with advanced IT infrastructure that drives performance and scalability up, costs and CO2 impact down.

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Energy Isn’t the Only
Renewable Resource

Help us make advanced, sustainably-sourced, zero-carbon infrastructure the worldwide data center standard. Experience the benefits.


Sesame gives you more for every IT dollar, bringing you the same technology as the world’s largest cloud service providers at significant cost savings and up to a 50% TCO advantage over traditional OEMs.


Get the latest tech, built on open compute principles and put to the test under the most demanding conditions. Sesame systems deliver superior performance, reliability, and efficiency. Plus we own our closed loop circular supply chains, giving you the ready supply you need to scale on demand.


The greatest way to reduce carbon impact is to not produce it in the first place. With Sesame, it starts with a commitment to carbon-zero manufacturing: designing eWaste and CO2 out of new IT hardware systems by sourcing high-end raw materials that are already in the economy vs. pulling from the ground or firing up factories.

The case for circularity

Data center growth has played a significant role in our current global climate crisis. At the root are decades of new hardware manufacturing and disposal patterns that generate massive amounts of eWaste and CO2. With these high stakes, decarbonizing the infrastructure that’s powering cloud computing, AI, 5G, IoT, and more will take more than green energy and carbon offsets.

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“In curbing greenhouse gas emissions by up to twenty-five percent each year, OCP solutions are significantly more sustainable than vanity brand hardware.”
Headshot of CEO Dan Njuguna
Daniel Njuguna, CEO
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“There is this perfect overlap between ITRenew and Blockheating. ITRenew gives servers a second life, and we're giving the energy from those servers a second life.”
Jeroen Burks, CEO
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“As concerns over the data center’s impact on global climate change become more acute, it becomes increasingly clear that the future of IT will center on sustainability and responsible digitization as a core pillar.”
Oliver Menzel, CEO
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“The current model for how to process and store data is broken. ‘Business as usual’ has met its limits, and new thinking and leadership is required. ITRenew’s circular data center approach adds to our core proposition of cost-effective and environmentally friendly compute and store.”
David Rowe, Founder CEO
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