We’re inspired to do something today, and every day, about the staggering amount of e-waste and CO2 the IT industry creates.

More than a decade ago, we started with a radical model for hardware decommissioning that makes take-use-waste a losing proposition. Ever since, we’ve found new ways to create high-value, high-demand second lives for as much server technology as possible.

And we’re just getting started. As we move ever closer to our own carbon-neutral footprint, we’re blueprinting circular data center models that design out waste and pollution, reimagining supply chains, and bringing sustainably-sourced gear to organizations across the globe.

“ITRenew is applying circular economics and sustainable tech to slash e-waste and CO2, open up new financial opportunities for our customers, and change how the data center industry sources, designs, uses, and reuses IT hardware.”

– Aidin Aghamiri, CEO ITRenew


Sustainability is a value that informs how we execute every day, and is demonstrated
through our vision for our customers, company, and community.

Optimized lifecycle management to enable closed loop supply chains and maximize avoided emissions.

Decarbonization of all aspects of the data center industry: equipment, facilities, energy, and services—including our own!

Adoption and enablement of open technology and transparent carbon accounting on a global scale.

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Supply Chain Solutions Accelerating
Our Carbon-Free Future

This Earth Day, there’s no conversation bigger than the carbon conversation. Everyone in tech is talking net zero/net neutral, yet struggling to offset and renewable-energy their way there. And no wonder—to solve a problem this big, you have to think and act much more holistically, and settle for nothing less than outsized impact.

Join Ali Fenn, President of ITRenew, along with panelists from Microsoft, Noodle AI, and other sustainability pioneers, as they break down the radical—and practical—new carbon-crushing models bringing circularity to every link in the supply chain, and openly discuss the major sustainability and renewability questions everyone is wrestling with, like closed loop supply chains, carbon accounting, credits, and measurement.

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Our Impact Spans the Globe

Sweden | Blockheating

Blockheating, a colocation startup in the Netherlands, is out to redefine the role and idea of a data center. ITRenew is enabling them to deploy first-of-their-kind sustainable, containerized edge data centers to grow their business… and tomatoes. Read more.

Africa | Atlancis

Atlancis is a pioneering solutions provider envisioning a new era of open computing that would curb greenhouse gas emissions while lowering technology access barriers across Africa. ITRenew has helped turn that vision into reality. Read more.



This Data Center Impact Report presents a new way to think about the economic and environmental value of data center equipment. Explore the research behind ITRenew’s new Circular Economic Model that maximizes the lifetime value and sustainability of hardware in the data center environment.

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White Paper


IT infrastructure is facing new pressures in the form of both business demands and sustainability expectations. Data center operators need a fresh approach to succeed in this environment. See how applying Circular Economics can deliver significant economic and environmental benefits for your organization.

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