How we maximize value for you

ITRenew sells reengineered hardware into secondary markets at rates up to 45% higher than the competition.1 Here’s how:

More diverse channels

Our sales channels span a broad spectrum of long-term clients. We make deals directly with large-volume buyers and small, long-tail distribution channels.

The right engineering

Our expertise includes reengineering your assets for the right secondary channels. We offer:

  • Fully recertified rack-level solutions
  • Remanufactured systems and products
  • Component remarketing

Global reach

Our global presence maximizes financial return for you. We sell our suite of solutions and product form factors directly into markets around the world.

Custom solutions

With our capabilities and channel relationships, we can customize a decommissioning solution for you that helps you get the most out of your hardware.

Value recovery by the numbers


Amount left on the table between 2019 and 2028 by top 10 hyperscalers not fully optimizing value recovery


Number of servers that will be retired from data centers between 2019 and 20233

50M Tons

Amount of e-waste generated annually, and growing—more than all the jumbo jets ever built

Hard Drive Decomissioning

What happens to your hardware?

All assets being decommissioned are rigorously inventoried before sanitization, reconciling your asset list with what we actually find. After wiping, hardware slated for value recovery is entered into our Web Inventory Tracking System (WITS). This step ensures the provenance of every single drive and component is known, through to final disposition.

  • WITS inventory cross-checking occurs prior to shipment and again upon arrival at our facility
  • Assets to be remarketed have serialized asset tags removed upon arrival at our facility
  • Assets to be destroyed are listed separately, shredded and Certificates of Destruction issued
Hard Drive Decomissioning

Maximizing your hardware’s lifetime value

Our world-class engineers, analysts and secondary market experts consider how to extract multiple lifetimes of value from your hardware. The final destination of your assets can include reuse at another of your company’s facilities, remarketing in secondary channels, or breaking down the asset for parts or recycling.

  • Reengineering for resale has returned over $1B in value to our clients1
  • Disassembly for parts further optimizes your total cost of ownership
  • Disassembly for recycling is making IT a greener, more sustainable industry
Hard Drive Decomissioning

Market-making ESP

ITRenew is the leading reseller of hyperscale hardware assets. More than 18 years of experience has given us the ability to forecast how secondary markets are evolving and even help impact that evolution. Our unique role enables you to maximize the lifetime value of your hardware.

  • Volume of business drives insight
  • Global presence drives insight
  • Sophisticated analytics and forecasting capabilities drive insight