Decommissioning Processes

Unparalleled decommissioning expertise

Let us handle the responsibility of operationally decommissioning your business without disruption. We’re adept at optimizing processes and logistics within complex environments.

Scalable. Secure. Efficient.

ITRenew is your single point of contact for end-to-end decommissioning. Every ITRenew facility is designed specifically for processing enterprise hardware. Whether full racks or parallelized equipment, our specialized logistics chain offers the highest level of security, efficiency and effectiveness.

Worker remover server hardware parts as part of IT decommissioning

Transparent inventory management

With our proprietary Web Inventory Tracking System (WITS), our engineers customize processes to fit your precise requirements. Diverse feature sets offer flexibiliy to adjust for the most complex scenarios and ensure every asset is fully traceable from your data center to our facilities.

tablet screen showing audit tracking for decommissioning process

End-to-end and custom reverse logistics solutions

Our experience, physical resources, and global presence makes managing decommissioning logistics anywhere in the world straightforward and future-proof. Across owned sites, co-location facilities, single racks, and small points of presence, our logistics chain maximizes the lifetime value of your assets through re-engineering, recertification, and redeployment.

It's time to eliminate risk and maximize financial returns

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