A secure, end-to-end sanitization solution

Our practice starts with Teraware, the world’s most secure data sanitization platform. It also includes many layers of security and tracking for each asset throughout full the chain of custod.

Teraware: Certified data sanitization that meets the most stringent security standards

Logistics: A completely secure logistics chain, end to end

Compliance: A fully traceable audit trail for each serialized asset

Teraware: Industry-best erasure

Built in collaboration with world-leading cloud companies and specifically designed for decommissioning, Teraware performs in the most technologically demanding IT environments.

100% sector-verified erasure: Data sanitization that meets the most stringent standards

More than 4 million drives per year sanitized for hyperscalers and Fortune 100 companies

A powerful, flexible software platform

Teraware is one of the only data erasure software platforms certified by ADISA for both SSDs and HDDs. We have wiping solutions for every type of storage media and any scenario.

Passed ADISA’s Threat Matrix Level 2 for SSDs and HDDs1

Works with all drive types, including SSDs, HDDs, SATA, SAS, Fibre Channel and NVMe

Every scenario covered, from high-security racks to loose and non-networked drives

Comprehensive asset discovery

For each server, we catalog all components, processing attributes, and parent/child relationships between disks, asset, and rack. This enables to track all variances from expected inventory, such as:

Undiscovered assets: Assets listed in inventory but not found by Teraware

Non-conforming assets: Assets found by Teraware that were not listed in inventory

Extra disks: Listed assets that have more than the expected number of disks

Hard Drive Decomissioning

100% sanitization

Once every asset to be decommissioned has been identified, Teraware goes to work. Teraware’s agent-based architecture scales to any size job; whether it’s one drive or 100,000, Teraware erases all drives concurrently, minimizing your data exposure risk window.

  • 1-2 days:Teraware wipes drives concurrently; complete decommissioning, 4-6 days1
  • Wipes 1TB every 2.5 hours: Teraware erases data quickly, minimizing your risk window
  • Fully wipes more than 98% of drives:1 securely decommissions 100% of drives
Hard Drive Decomissioning

Trusted, certified, guaranteed

We believe the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-88 is most applicable to today’s infrastructures. ITRenew follows NIST 800-88 standards and takes them a step further, exceeding all industry standards. We issue Certificates of Sanitization and Destruction that we proudly guarantee.

  • Global standards met: We meet or exceed standards everywhere our clients are
  • Industry standards met: for healthcare, finance, government (including defense) and more
  • Our guarantee: includes assuming financial liability for any breach
Hard Drive Decomissioning

Tested and proven

Teraware sets the standard for data erasure software. That’s why ITRenew completed the most stringent, forensic-level testing on storage technology in use among data centers and throughout the IT enterprises of hyperscalers and Fortune 100 companies.

  • No data has ever been found: on a Teraware-wiped drive.
    Ever 2.
  • 17 Certificates for Forensic Data Erasure: of SSDs and HDDs
  • Passed ADISA Threat Matrix Level 2: the only software to have done so for forensic data erasure of both SSDs and HDDs beyond forensic recovery