Unparalleled expertise

You probably don’t manage decommissioning programs every day. We do – with the biggest and most innovative companies in the world. Tap into our expertise.


Our engineers, analysts and operators have run decommissioning programs in every scenario imaginable. We’re at the forefront of industry best practices – and our experts continue to evolve them.

Program scale

From the largest hyperscale data centers to the most remote edge computing sites, from server closets in regional offices to data halls in colocation centers, our capabilities scale to any job size or type.

Global footprint

The world’s hyperscalers are everywhere. So are we, with operations in North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. We can decommission anything, anywhere.

Long-term thinking

We’re evolving best practices into next practices. We build your decommissioning program in the context of your company's longer-term goals, so you’re ready to segue seamlessly as your company grows.

Hard Drive Decomissioning

Our diagnostic approach

We’re decommissioning specialists. For every unique program, we craft a solution precisely tailored to your needs. Our process, from strategic analysis to plan to action, is technology-driven and custom-built.

  • Strategic analysis: We begin with a complete audit of your equipment, your site and your goals.
  • Program: We share a comprehensive plan, from wiping to final disposition of each asset.
  • Action: We decommission your assets, eliminating all data security risk in the process, end to end.