Hyperscale Decommissioning: Best Practices Report

The rising incidence of data breaches and increased data-theft risks compounds the need for rigorous security measures, including those implemented at the end of the hardware lifecycle.

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Hardware Decommissioning Solutions Brief

To meet tomorrow’s demands, you need to scale faster than ever before. Partner with ITRenew to get a customized decommissioning solution for your hyperscale business and maximize the lifetime value of your

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Teraware Solutions Brief

Teraware data sanitization is the solution for securely managing your data destruction

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Chain of Custody Process

From wiping and shredding drives to recycling or reselling racks, servers and other equipment, ITRenew maintains a fully traceable audit trail – ensuring end-to-end compliance. Thanks to our complete chain of custody, our clients have all received flawless


Five Best Practices to Ensure Fully Secure Decommissioning

It is imperative that hyperscale data center operators take advantage of every resource available to them when wiping data completely from all solid-state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs) when they have reached the end of their working life. Learn