Steps on the audit trail

We guarantee our work because we rigorously track every asset, every step of the way. Here’s how it works.

We adapt to you

We work with your asset management platform

Our reporting and inventory tracking systems integrate into all asset management platforms.

We conform to your compliance requirements

We have comprehensive processes in place to ensure that you meet all of your compliance targets.

Fully automated reconciliation is available

If you prefer fully automated reconciliation, we can deliver on that. We adapt to your needs.

We track every serialized asset, every step of the way, giving you 100% documented traceability, end to end

Hard Drive Decomissioning

We guarantee our work – literally

Our Certificates of Sanitization and Destruction are guaranteed, so you can rest assured that your company is protected throughout the decommissioning process. We stand behind our guarantee and assume financial liability for any outcomes.

  • Peace of mind, guaranteed
  • We assume financial liability
Hard Drive Decomissioning

We stand by our results

In numerous tests performed by independent forensics labs, no data has ever been found on a Teraware-wiped drive. Ever. Our clients have all received flawless results on audits by top-tier, independent auditors.

  • Clean wipes, every time
  • Perfect audit scores