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ITRenew partners with the largest cloud companies in the world to decommission their data centers. That means we’ve had to build a proprietary data sanitization software that can match the power and scale of any data center. Teraware by ITRenew is the result of our years of hard work and experience. There’s nothing else like it on the planet.

Teraware isn’t just for the cloud giants, though. Even if you have just one rack that you need securely decommissioned, you can partner with ITRenew for ultimate peace of mind. We understand the critical nature of data privacy and your need to fully guarantee it through the decommissioning process. That’s why we’ve gone the extra step to make Teraware one of the only data erasure software platforms certified by Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance (ADISA), Threat Matrix Level 2. When you entrust your data sanitization needs to us, you get access to a software that guarantees security, complete wiping of 98% of drives, and a fully traceable audit trail for the process.

What Is Teraware?

Teraware is a data sanitization solution built in collaboration with cloud-computing giants world-round, for seamless, risk-free decommissioning. As such, it is continually evolving to handle new software and meet new security demands, no matter the setting in which you may wish to deploy it. It suits any environment from a hyperscale data center to the single rack tucked into your office supply closet (and everything in between).

Data centers are large, unwieldy beasts, so we designed Teraware to handle them. Teraware works with all drive types, including SSDs, HDDs, SATA, SAS, Fibre Channel, and NVMe, as well as all asset management platforms. Even if you don’t quite know the full extent of your assets at the time of decommissioning, Teraware’s automated process will ensure the precise discovery of every asset’s location, condition, and erasure, and then wipe them all concurrently, at a rate of 1TB per 2.5hours. This speed means your job will take a maximum of two days to complete, no matter the size. Teraware was also built to accommodate multiple form factors for the ultimate in flexible deployment. Bring us your decommissioning job, and we’ll meet you where you are: any scenario, anywhere in the world.

Transparent and Trustworthy Auditing

We understand the level of security under which you may be operating, which is why using Teraware for your data sanitization needs guarantees the highest regulatory compliance. Our process generates a fully traceable audit trail for each serialized asset, from wiping to final disposition. A complete inventory scan identifies every asset to be wiped, and once they are fully wiped, produces a complete report with certificates of sanitization. Any failed drives or assets for resale are scanned and compared to the report so they can be inventoried for resale or shredded (complete with a certificate of destruction that complies with National Association for Information Destruction [NAID] requirements).

Data Sanitization Form Factors

Teraware + network

License Teraware so you can deploy your own decommissioning program over your automation framework.

Teraware + appliance

Invite our technicians to work onsite, deploying Teraware from a small server connected to a complete cluster of racks, via Ethernet.

Teraware + USB drive

Deploy Teraware directly to any device via a USB stick. We believe that no job is too small for 100% data sanitization security.

Teraware + Wiping racks

With Teraware, there are no loose ends. The software can wipe for loose drives outside their original housing, so that your entire rack gets wiped.

A Different Caliber of Data Sanitization

The ITRenew guarantee is that no data has been discovered on drives we have wiped. Ever. In numerous tests performed by independent forensic labs, we have maintained a spotless record. Your data sanitization is in the hands of global experts, who can fully wipe 98% of all drives, while competitors only manage to deal with 50%.

Teraware guarantees 100% sector-verified erasure.

As the chosen sanitization platform for more than four million drives per year, it makes sense that Teraware maintains an industry-best erasure success rate, with complete erasure of more than 98 percent of drives, even from the most technologically demanding IT environments.

Maximum data security is the core of our business.

Teraware’s competitive advantage and the reason you should choose us for your data sanitization needs is its ability to fully wipe HDDs and all flash-based storage media, married with its automated inventory reconciliation. We hold 17 ADISA Certificates for Forensic Data Erasure of SSDs and HDDs, plus Teraware remains the only software to pass Level 2 (forensic data erasure beyond forensic recovery) in ADISA’s Threat Matrix. We provide a complete audit trail, as well as Certificates of Sanitization and Destruction, for each serialized asset. We also complete a physical reconciliation to account for every drive. This process virtually eliminates the potential for hard-drive escapes.

Teraware beats every industry standard.

Teraware takes NIST 800-88 as starting point for data sanitization and goes a step further with reporting requirements that go beyond many different audit requirements and compliance regulations for handling patient data, cardholder data, user data and data privacy, as well as those for industries regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Teraware’s multi-step overwrite process puts it in a class of its own when it comes to data sanitization.

The Teraware Process

Step 1: Identify

Teraware automatically inventories all assets to be decommissioned. We cross-reference your asset list with what we actually find, down to exact specifications. This rigorous treatment creates a comprehensive baseline for your audit trail.

Step 2: Wipe

Teraware wipes all your drives at the same time, no matter how many you have, with 98% fully erased (an industry best) and 100% securely decommissioned. The onsite team also locates and pulls anomalous (failed or non-conforming) drives individually. Each drive’s serial number is physically scanned to ensure the accuracy of your inventory record.


Step 3: Certify

Every single wiped drive receives its own Certificates of Sanitization. Failed drives are cross-checked and sequestered for shredding, with a Certificates of Destruction issued once the process is complete, whether this happens at your facility or ours. 

Step 4: Report

At the conclusion of the job, Teraware’s automatic reporting details the exact status of each item, including failed/non-conforming disks. To ensure reconciliation between listed and actual inventory, physical cross-checking is performed as decommissioned hardware is loaded into trucks for removal.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Our Data Sanitization Options

ITRenew collaborates with hyperscalers to continually upgrade Teraware so that it is compatible with the newest and most sophisticated data center hardware platforms. We guarantee that even if your business uses the latest and greatest hardware, we will have Teraware compatible with whatever you’re using by its first day in production. At the same time, Teraware remains comprehensive, with the capability for wiping any hardware deployed in the last decade. This makes it the most adaptable erasure platform in the world. 


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