Groundbreaking All-In-One MDC Takes Guesswork, Time, and Expense Out of Data Center Deployment

Facing New Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought uncertainty and hardship to the medical field. As critical care becomes necessary for those patients diagnosed with the virus, maximizing facility space to treat patients, and optimizing patient treatment protocols will ensure medical facilities are readily able to provide care. However, the rapid increase in patient volume has already pushed many US hospitals to their operational limits, both physically and virtually, as the rapid influx of new patients is straining hospital data storage and computing capacity. This is due to the need to manage, store and process new patient electronic health records (EHR), comprehensive medical imaging, administrative or insurance data, and document medical management across patient EHRs.

Patient Volume and Quality Care

More patients seeking care directly affects medical facility data demand, storage, and processing. Fast, efficient, and reliable data storage and processing is critical for patient care, as overtaxed data intensive systems currently running in many US hospitals are impacting medical practitioners. Inefficient systems cost valuable time that could be used for patient consultations, negatively impact the quality of patient care and treatment, and increase wait times for medical processing. In addition, the impact of inefficient data systems results in an average of 5-10 less patients per shift and stunts hospital revenue growth, due to the inability to optimally process, access and store a higher quantity of essential medical data during peak times.

A Modular Solution

ITRenew and PCX are joining forces to deliver a groundbreaking all-in-one Modular Data Center (MDC) solution. For the first time, customers will be able to take advantage of containerized, circular data center units purpose-built and pre-engineered to meet the unique needs of any medical facility, including hospitals. ITRenew’s hyperscale-powered Sesame rack-scale servers and PCX’s modular electrical solutions are both designed to accelerate deployment, drive down infrastructure costs and maximize sustainability. Combining decades of expertise and data center innovation, we’re delivering a complete solution that makes deploying data capacity and processing fast, easy, and efficient, without paying a premium. Everything from hardware and software, to power and cooling can be optimized to your specification, giving you a turnkey, portable, on-premises solution for your critical data needs. It also ensures medical practitioners can focus more readily on the patient, by streamlining access to EHRs, results, medical system updates and more.

All-In-One Modular Data Centers

Implementing an all-in one modular data center solution with integrated IT provides a wealth of value for both your organization’s protocols and your bottom line. Benefits include:

Complete Solutions

The modular data center just got better. We’ve converged IT hardware with traditional MDC modules and components to give you the kind of turnkey solutions, optimized for your evolving patient care needs, that you’ve been waiting for. We’re talking fully-operational data centers that arrive equipped, assembled and connected, ready to ‘plug and play,’ no army of engineers required.

Breakthrough TCO

Our cost-effective, all-in-one MDCs are engineered to deliver all the performance you need AND lower your total cost of ownership (TCO). Sesame by ITRenew server racks make acquisition of advanced, proven IT technology easy and affordable. Efficient power and cooling solutions reduce operational costs. And streamlined design and maintenance free dollars to invest in patient care and other areas.


We take a circular economic approach to our all-in-one MDCs, keeping assets in these units at their highest utility for as long as possible. The reuse pathways we create not only extend their lifetime value, they reduce e-waste and CO2 which, along with ongoing improvements in energy efficiency and power usage effectiveness (PUE), ensure they realize their full sustainability potential.


With patient care demands at unprecedented levels and continuing to grow, when your hospital needs more data processing and capacity, you can’t afford to wait.  All-in-one MDCs are custom configured and built off-site, with the dependable supply and proven methods required to expedite schedules and get your IT systems and new or expanded facilities up and running as soon as possible.

Operational Efficiency

All-in-on MDCs give you the speed and cost-benefits of pre-construction along with the flexibility to optimize your IT hardware for your workloads, and configure the cooling, lighting, power and security components to fit your facility’s critical needs. While compact space and tight integration of components ensure fewer subsystems that require less cooling power and optimize for energy efficiency.


Because MDCs are portable, they can be delivered to any location, like your facility’s parking lot, basement or rooftop. Not only does this potentially free up valuable premium floorspace, it makes no-contact installation and day-to-day operations possible for virtually any medical facility. This flexibility means existing MDCs can be easily moved and new ones added as your needs evolve.




The best way to open billions in financial opportunity for hyperscalers and make premium technology available, and affordable, for the broader ecosystem. ITRenew’s Circular Data Center Model creates secondary loops of life for IT hardware that carry much higher proven lifetime value and lower total cost of ownership.



PCX and ITRenew are continuing to operate and provide critical data center solutions to help companies solve their IT and data needs during this time. Want to learn more about our all-in-one modular data center + IT solutions and how they can benefit your business?


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