Data Destruction

The world’s most secure data sanitization platform

Teraware, designed in and for data centers, eliminates risk from complex processes, wipes all storage types, functions onsite or remotely, and scales to meet new demands.

A fully traceable audit trail

Asset Discovery

All assets to be decommissioned are inventoried. We cross-reference your asset list with our findings down to the component level, enumerating CPUs, DIMMs, controllers, disks, and processing attributes. Drives and components are parented to servers and racks, so we always know their provenance. This data establishes a baseline for your audit trail.

Drives Wiped

Teraware fully wipes all SSD and HDD drives simultaneously, at the rate of 1TB every 2.5 hours. More than 98% of drives are fully wiped (well above industry standards); 100% of drives are securely decommissioned. An unlimited number of drives can be wiped in only one to two days.

Certificates Issued

A Certificate of Sanitization is issued for each wiped drive. Failed drives are destroyed at your facility, if that’s your company policy, or removed to our facility for final disposition. Certificates of Destruction are issued only when drives are shredded. We proudly stand behind our certifications.

Report Generated

Teraware generates a comprehensive report detailing all assets decommissioned. Every single drive is accounted for, including extra or non-conforming disks. Reporting includes attributes such as Rack ID/Rack Asset Tag, Asset Serial Number/Asset Tag, Installed Rack Unit, and Server Model.

Drives Transported

After wiping, assets are securely transported to an ITRenew facility for processing. Full reconciliation of each serialized asset occurs before any asset leaves your facility. They are loaded into securely sealed trucks with GPS tracking, so you know where they are at all times.


Upon arrival at an ITRenew facility, a cross-check occurs, reconciling all shipped assets against our baseline report. Assets slated for destruction at our facility are shredded and Certificates of Destruction issued.


Assets slated for renewal – through reuse at another of your company’s facilities, remarketing in secondary channels, or breaking down for parts or recycling – are reengineered or disassembled.

Audit Compliance

Every component of every asset is identified and tracked throughout the lifecycle. If and when auditors spot-check you, then step-by-step reporting gives you a complete paper trail detailing your end-to-end chain of custody.


Storage media devices wiped


Data incidents
(independently verified)

1-2 Days

For complete onsite wiping,
any# of assets


of drives fully wiped
(vs. 50% industry avg)


Audit compliance for clients


Estimated cost of a data mega
breach in 2021

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