Achieve Maximum Value Recovery with Expert Data Center Decommissioning

Get the most from your still-valuable, hyperscale data-center assets

If you’re moving within the hyperscaling industry, you’re probably well aware that remaining a leader in technology innovation means frequently refreshing both hardware and infrastructure, even as complexity and variety of those refreshes continue to grow, thanks to the demands of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and edge computing. And a hardware refresh, of course, means data center decommissioning. This practice is mission-critical at any owner of a hyperscale data center, since you process and store sensitive data belonging to billions of people, or even businesses and governments around the world.

To protect against rising incidence of data breaches and data-theft, stringent data sanitization during your data center decommissioning process is fundamental to the success and longevity of your business. Additionally, when you work with a decommissioning expert like ITRenew, you can unlock massive value in data center hardware after the assets’ initial lifecycle.

The right decommissioning process can help you meet four business-transforming objectives:

  • Transform existing data center infrastructure into a circular model to meet evolving market and computing demands.
  • Adopt an efficient decommissioning process that eliminates data-exposure risk and minimizes data center downtime.
  • Anticipate tightening data security regulations and exceed compliance requirements.
  • Optimize the TCO of hardware to maximize financial returns.

The Global Challenges of Hyperscale Growth

Based on your experience with data centers, you probably know all too well that hyperscalers must continuously push the boundaries of efficiency, including during the decommissioning process. Frequent equipment refreshes require strategic and holistic end-of-life-cycle planning so you can successfully navigate the tension between high-velocity infrastructure, lifetime value and sustainability.

At ITRenew, we empower you to decommission your data centers in a way that unlocks the value of older equipment – via internal redeployment, reuse by primary-market buyers, or resale in secondary markets. Instead of discarding hardware, we believe you can promote sustainability and your own business’s financial health through recommissioning and resale. Before that step, however, you will need to protect sensitive information through a decommissioning process which guarantees data has been properly removed from every asset. Luckily, ITRenew is the global expert in data center decommissioning, so we can help you from the first step to the last.

The Hyperscaler’s How-to Guide to Data Center Decommissioning

5 best practices for secure decommissioning – and uncovering hidden revenue

  • Sanitize all hardware by fully wiping data.
  • Rigorously track assets to provide a complete chain of custody.
  • Identify drives that cannot be wiped and destroy them onsite.
  • Customize logistics to make decommis- sioning efficient and effective.
  • Create new markets and expand existing ones in ways that maximize hardware value and increase sustainability.

Choose an expert partner for your data center decommissioning

Does the list of best practices sound intimidating? It doesn’t have to when you partner with ITRenew, the global data center decommissioning expert who can help you keep ahead of these trends and mitigate the risks. We guarantee the elimination of data-exposure risk and creation of new revenue through the process. Discover our answers to these critical questions:

What percentage of drives are fully wiped?
  • Many contractors are able to clear data only from about 50 percent of drives. In contrast, ITRenew can clear data from more than 98 percent of drives.
    • We securely and efficiently shred the remaining 2 percent of drives that cannot be wiped.
    • With more drives fully wiped, you’ll have bigger opportunities to redeploy data center assets or sell them in secondary markets to increase your hardware TCO.
  • Testing at independent forensic labs has never found any kind of data on an  ITRenew-decommissioned drive, from HDDs to flash-based drives such as SATA, SAS, PCIe and NVMe
How many layers of asset reconciliation are provided?
  • Our data center decommissioning begins with complete asset discovery, thanks to our software Teraware. We compare your list of stated assets to what we actually find – including parent-child relationships between racks, servers, and drives, constructing a perfect blueprint of assets to be decommissioned.
  • Throughout the decommissioning process, we build several reconciliation stage-gates to ensure proper accounting of all assets, particularly at critical junctures.
  • To meet regulatory compliance, we ensure a fully traceable audit trail for each serialized asset, from wiping to final disposition.
How is shredding of assets handled?
  • Shredding can be performed on-premises using mobile shred trucks with shredders and generators attached. Alternatively, drives can be transported to our processing facility.
    • In either case, drives are shredded to the right size to ensure no data is recoverable.
    • We also include the shredded drives in the audit trail, with a certificate of destruction to give you peace of mind.
How can the lifetime value of hyperscale data center assets be maximized?
  • ITRenew has global sales operations, remanufacturing capabilities, product design and development expertise, and established relationships with key end-user buyers. Our connections enable the seamless flow of equipment across the primary and secondary market ecosystem.
  • Our global orchestration facilitates delivery to create a circular data center that helps you generate new financial value and optimize the TCO of your assets.
  • We can create pathways for equipment that span both internal use – offering cost avoidance – and multiple secondary markets.

With ITRenew, you don’t get a vendor, you get a decommissioning partner

Your business can help design the future by partnering with industry experts who can evaluate your decommissioning needs and provide a highly secure and efficient process for sanitizing hardware and certifying disposition of assets while minimizing data center disruption. ITRenew offers customized solutions for global organizations, no matter how large or varied their data center footprint might be. 

We can also help you improve the sustainability of your enterprise’s investment in hyperscale facilities. Optimization can be accomplished by efficiently and securely reconfiguring full systems or components for re-use or by selling fully wiped hardware in secondary markets. Circular data centers are the root of the global circular IT hardware industry.