Bringing circularity to the data center

ITRenew is bringing the financial and environmental benefits of circular economics to data centers globally, working across the ecosystem to drive major advances in sustainability.

Circularity starts here

Decarbonizing the infrastructure that’s powering exciting advancements in technology — things like cloud computing, AI, and IoT — on a global scale will take more than green energy and carbon offsets. We have to consciously and collectively shift away from manufacturing brand new equipment to more responsible, sustainable – and profitable – growth models. In this video, hosted by Reuters and inspired by the upcoming 100 year anniversary of the United Nations in 2045, see how ITRenew is changing the Data Center industry by leveraging circular economics to prove that financial success does not have to come at the cost of doing environmental good.

There’s a new way to tackle climate change

ITRenew orchestrates the entire lifecycle of hyperscale assets, making sustainable growth and zero-carbon, zero-waste data center infrastructure practical. This circular approach starts with securely and efficiently decommissioning hardware for the world’s largest global hyperscalers.

See how we do it.

For every


servers decommissioned


Our circular model avoids


metric tons of CO2e production


Cutting annual emissions from


cars on the road

Net CO2e savings 24%+ positive sustainability impact from circular solutions

“ITRenew is applying circular economics and sustainable tech to slash e-waste and CO2, open up new financial opportunities for our customers, and change how the data center industry sources, designs, uses, and reuses IT hardware.”
Aidin Aghamiri, CEO
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Tons of IT deferred from
waste streams


Of pre-use carbon


Lower TCO for
recertified tech


Increase in value
recovery ROI

This is an opportunity of scale

See how ITRenew orchestrates the circular economy from end-to-end.


Meaningful action

Hyperscalers partner with ITRenew to create second lives for their outbound hardware, unlocking value, getting to carbon-zero faster, and contributing to our self-replenishing supply chain.

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Practical solutions

We design CO2, cost, and supply constraints out of business-critical compute, storage, and networking hardware to deliver sustainably sourced, hyperscale-grade infrastructure on demand.

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Why we need circularity

The challenges we’re facing in the data center industry today have thrown the shortcomings of the status quo into sharp relief. Demand keeps outpacing budgets, traditional models for procuring IT gear are far more fragile than initially realized, and renewable energy/carbon offsets alone aren’t enough to change the trajectory of our current climate crisis.

ITRenew President Ali Fenn explains why adopting new circular data center models is both an opportunity and an imperative and highlights the substantial financial and environmental advantages awaiting those who make the shift.

We work in close collaboration with other experts, industry leaders, and global organizations

The Financial & Sustainability Case for Circularity

Based on research, interviews, and ITRenew’s market expertise, the report focuses on a circular data center model that maximizes the economic life and sustainability of data center hardware.


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