ITRenew is the Engine of the Circular Cloud

We transform data center technology and operational models on a global scale. We are maniacally focused on innovations that give our customers the financial and sustainability advantages that can only come from meeting unprecedented data growth, workloads and infrastructure demands with the Circular Cloud.


The Circular Economy Defined

The circular economy allows raw materials and goods to stay in productive loops for as long as possible. This requires designing materials and products to be reusable at the start of their lifecycle. When they have served their original purpose, these old products and materials are repurposed to serve new use cases in new form factors. The approach replaces the traditional linear economy system, where products are disposed of, once used.

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The Case for Circular Data Centers

Across the full lifecycle of data center hardware, from design to decommissioning, this model opens up opportunities that unblock paths to unprecedented financial returns. At the same time, it offers access to opportunity and economic growth while delivering maximum sustainability.

Maximized Lifetime Value

Optimization across circular pathways boosts value recovery and creates a lifetime value multiplier.

Lowest TCO

Incorporating asset redeployment savings and resale of decommissioned assets into TCO yields significant gains.

Disruptive Solutions

Recertification services and product support enable new asset classes for secondary markets.


Global IT is the 3rd Largest global carbon emitter with 50M metric tons of global e-waste and growing.

Circular data centers are the root of the global circular IT hardware industry. This is an opportunity of scale.


Servers sold per year


Of data forecasted to be created in 2025


Hyperscale TCO value recovery opportunity


Recertified hardware market currently blocked per year


CO2e impact potential


Of global population not online

ITRenew’s Ali Fenn Talks at the 2019 OCP Regional Summit in Amsterdam

Operationalizing a global, circular IT industry is both our opportunity and imperative The global IT industry is responsible for 4% of global emissions and on track to double by 2025. To truly assess and address the environmental impact of data center equipment, it is imperative to include both pre-use (embodied) and post-EOL costs of the massive scaling of our collective infrastructure.

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