Sustainable growth made practical.

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Energy Isn’t the Only Renewable Resource

Help us make advanced, sustainably-sourced, zero-carbon infrastructure the worldwide data center standard. Experience the benefits.


Sesame gives you more for every IT dollar, bringing you the same technology as the world’s largest cloud service providers at significant cost savings and up to a 50% TCO advantage over traditional OEMs.


Get the latest tech, built on open compute principles and put to the test under the most demanding conditions. Sesame systems deliver superior performance, reliability and efficiency. Plus we own our closed loop circular supply chains giving you the ready supply you need to scale on demand.


The greatest way to reduce carbon impact is to not produce it in the first place. With Sesame, it starts with a commitment to carbon-zero manufacturing; designing eWaste and CO2 out of new IT hardware systems by sourcing high-end raw materials that are already in the economy vs. pulling from the ground or firing up factories.

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