IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services at ITRenew identify the best possible options for retiring any IT assets. The goal is to recover the maximum value for your electronic equipment and avoid sending anything to landfill.

Value Recovery

As your remarketing partner, ITRenew will make a fair and accurate assessment of your end-of-life equipment. This includes servers, networking equipment, storage arrays, laptops, and components such as CPUs, memory DIMMs and hard drives. Global sales distribution, presently in 12 countries, allows for price integrity without market over-saturation. By selling assets in either whole units or as dismantled components, you will get maximized value for your outdated assets.

Logistics Services

Logistics teams at ITRenew offer comprehensive asset management and handling services. This includes inventorying, packing, palletizing, loading, and shipping. Tracking is always available with our high security handling.


For over a decade, ITRenew has achieved world class certifications for our business.   This proves compliance related to our professional and environment ITAD services, and illustrates our commitment to customers and the planet. We are one of the most extensively certified ITAD vendors in the world. Our emphasis is on data security, quality products/services, and the environment.

Program Support

Your internal resources will continue to manage your day-to-day operations while ITRenew provides programmatic support for data sanitization and/or equipment disposal. This is a value added service. Based on a custom-tailored program that fits your specific needs, ITRenew can supply full and part time technicians, operators, facilities personnel, and program managers.

Data Sanitization

ITRenew is the undisputed leader in data sanitization, having the capacity to process over 10 million drives a year through our facilities.  We have developed our own proprietary, enterprise-level data sanitization software and can guarantee that your IT assets and data privacy policies are managed securely.  From a full integration of data sanitization software (with or without existing data center management applications), to data erasure and physical shredding, ITRenew solutions are 100% customizable.  We can:

  • Customize our data sanitization software and/or reports
  • Provide hardware for DIY loose hard drive data wipes
  • Provide onsite specialists for full service data erasure and shredding

Our data sanitization services are backed by a certificate of guarantee and full indemnification insurance coverage.

Sustainability Solutions

All ITRenew products and services are designed with an emphasis on sustainability. Not only are the customer results sustainable, but so are all programs related to secure IT asset disposition, responsible recycling, and asset value recovery. Every effort is made to reduce our footprint on the planet. This “pay it forward” philosophy results in optimized environmental protection while feeding compliance for industry certifications.

Data Center Services

ITRenew services data centers around the world. From unpacking and installation to decommission and asset removal, we provide comprehensive solutions for end-to-end IT asset lifecycles. Our products and services include:

  • A full complement of logistics management service
  • Equipment audits and inventory management
  • Data sanitization on servers and hard drives
  • Onsite shredding or secured transport of decommissioned assets to ITRenew facilities
  • Remarketing/value recovery of data center equipment
    • RMA/RTM services
    • Lease returns
    • Recycling