ITRenew’s certified ITAD services will have a positive impact on any enterprise. This is far reaching, relating to your business, the environment, and materials sustainability. We began as an electronic recycling company in 1998. From day 1, environmental responsibility was first and foremost. Continuing efforts for a better and cleaner planet is evident in everything we do.

Responsible Recycling

Electronic waste is the leading source of pollution throughout the world. ITRenew focuses on proper recycling of electronic equipment and was one of the first companies to be certified for both ISO 14001 and R2 standards. Annual third party audits ensure that environmentally-friendly processes meet industry compliance  for all our enterprise data security and ITAD procedures. We also offer other services designed to extend the life and usefulness of electronic equipment, thus reducing our own and our customer’s carbon footprint.

Audit Proof / Transparent

Responsibility and customer peace of mind are extremely important to everyone at ITRenew. All our recycling operations are visible and easily audited. As the global ITAD vendor, our customers are informed of all procedures and encouraged to audit any process any time, even with surprise audits. Great pride is taken in everything we do. Allowing customer access to our operations and encouraging them to challenge us in the process helps to build mutual trust and strong relationships.

Zero-Landfill Policy

ITRenew has a zero-landfill policy.  This means ALL items received and processed are resold, redeployed (either to the customer or internally), donated, or responsibly recycled through proper downstream channels.  We will NEVER send any electronic equipment to the landfill.

Value Recovery

All enterprise and stand alone IT assets will eventually reach a point when they no longer carry any remarketing value. At that time, those assets need to be safely dismantled for extraction of raw materials which are then returned to the manufacturing stream. A significant percentage of world commodities, including precious metals, are recovered from electronic waste.