ITRenew provides total data sanitization solutions. These offerings protect your business and your brand.  Our services include certified data erasure, physical shredding and strategic policy advising.

Teraware Data Sanitization Platform

ITRenew is the first ITAD service provider to develop a comprehensive family of data sanitization products. Teraware Data Sanitization Platform can be used for any data sanitization scenario, regardless of system configuration.

Teraware Data Sanitization Software is state-of-the-art software that guarantees the complete erasure of all data from any storage device. It is currently deployed in data centers at some of the world’s largest companies. Addressing the demands of corporate compliance using process certifications and reporting, Teraware also meets the needs of back-end administrators for processing efficiency and integrity.

Seamlessly integrating with existing data center networks, Teraware allows users to sanitize any volume of HDDs simultaneously through their existing infrastructure.  In addition to the capability of being provisioned and managed via resident asset management systems, Teraware can also be deployed as a dedicated appliance or through a USB model when handling stand alone devices. The Teraware Data Sanitization Platform is enterprise-graded and tested, with no rival when it comes to the combination of flexibility, scalability, performance, quality, and cost.

Policy Advisory Services

ITRenew is the data security expert for end-of-life products. Established as the premier vendor for data security, ITRenew services include consulting and program strategies aimed at helping you and your customers maintain corporate privacy and confidentiality. Contact us for assistance in developing and/or restructuring your information and data security policies.

Physical Destruction

Many security-conscious companies require physical destruction of electronic equipment in order to maintain data security. ITRenew offers certified data erasure along with shredding and disposal of IT assets. Mobile services are available for destruction at customer locations, or the assets can be processed at our locations. Laptops, servers, printers, and HDDs will be demanufactured and recycled responsibly. All data sanitization and destruction services include liability insurance coverage along with a certificate of guarantee.

Highly Secure Logistics

In addition to data sanitization and asset destruction services, ITRenew also offers secure transport of highly sensitive assets. Multiple options are available to conform with any security requirements. Strict guidelines and procedures for this service related to packaging, collection and transport ensure proper chain of custody. Procedures inside this service will eliminate any security breach once your electronic equipment leaves your site.

ClearMind AssuranceTM

Teraware Data Sanitization Platform provides enterprise-level secure data sanitization, effectively erasing all sensitive information from your IT assets. This software meets the latest compliance requirements such as Sarbanes Oxley and HIPPA. ITRenew stands behind every sanitization procedure with a business protection policy – our ClearMind Assurance program. ITRenew is clearly the ITAD global leader for data security and peace of mind.